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3 Reasons to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

The first Friday of March marks Employee Appreciation Day. The purpose of this day is to celebrate employees all over the world. The purpose of the day is to bring employers’ attentionacross all industrieson the importance of employee appreciation. But what exactly does it mean to appreciate your employees actually mean?

We’re aware that employees are a business’s biggest asset. When employees feel like their company is concerned about their wellbeing they’re 38 percent more productive as well as 18 percent more inclined to go that extra mile. When managers or managers express gratitude, express their gratitude, and show appreciation with the celebration of and encouragement of employees, engagement and satisfaction increase.

Three reasons to celebrate employee appreciation day 2023

1. A bit of recognition can make a huge difference

Employee recognition doesn’t have to be a standard for all. The money might be motivating the top performers, while an employee-friendly happy hour celebrating an excellent job might encourage an additional. However that the majority of employees must feel that their work is recognized and appreciated in some manner to boost their performance. According to an analysis conducted by Gallup more than 80 percent of those that were included in the analysis believe that recognition is a motivator for their work. Furthermore, those who feel they are not acknowledged are two times more likely to leave.

How do you give employees public acknowledgement:

Send out a team-wide email to thank the employee for an outstanding job.
Bring a success story from your employee during a team-building meeting
Create a list of your company’s successes throughout the business to present at your next corporate meeting.

2. The retention of employees is crucial to the overall success of your business

Excellent employees aren’t easy to find. If you lose them, it can cost you the bottom line of your business. To retain your best employees, they must be valued, respected and have a significance. This is directly related to employee engagement – the connection to and feeling of purpose that generates energy and enthusiasm. If employees feel a sense of support from their employers, they’re 17 percent more likely to be there for the entire year. To increase retention rates, concentrate on employee satisfaction and wellbeing Always place your employees first.

Methods to increase retention of employees by rewarding them:

Instruct employees to have an a longer lunch break to replenish
Work-from-home-days are available.
Invite your employee to an event of their choice to enhance their personal or professional growth
Give a financial session for free or a yoga class

3. When employees feel valuedover their supervisorsthey are more motivated to work

Recognition or rewards for employees from their boss is an aspect. However, when employees feel that they’re having a positive impact on the business by receiving the appreciation of a coworker or client, or even an executive and feel more appreciated. Employees who are able to see the outcomes of their work and are reminded of the importance of their work and will perform better.

We’ve observed that when businesses invest in the health and well-being of its employees, they’re happier. A more engaged workforce will result in better business performance. A study conducted by Harvard Business School, researchers discovered that employees are upset when their bosses don’t thank you or show gratitude for their efforts. Recognizing achievements or even simple gestures to show appreciation reinforces employees’ achievements which encourages them to work harder.

What can you do to encourage employees to give appreciation:

Design jobs that fulfill and continue to provide support for the organization
Give them opportunities to grow, like the possibility of putting them on a major project or having them participate in strategic choices
Have a coffee meeting with your employees to talk about their goals and goals in detail so that they feel that you’re committed to their professional and personal growth