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Better Understanding Scrap Metal Prices

If you’re a metal trader or merchant, getting the highest scrap metal price is your top goal. We provide affordable prices for non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metals. This allows you to dispose of the scrap iron, lead or copper, brass aluminum, stainless steel or aluminium to put money back in your pockets. Additionally, we contribute to the environment by recycling the scrap materials you don’t want with the most up-to-date technology for processing.

What factors determine scrap metal prices London?

The cost for scrap metal can be determined using:

Demand and supply
Its form
Its quality
Ferrous Vs. non-ferrous

How scrap metal’s grading affects the price

The price of scrap metal is also affected by the quality that the material is. If you are looking to get the highest price for scrap metal, classifying it into different kinds of metal and then the grading process will help determine the amount it will be worth when you decide to sell it.

For instance, if you have a mixed batch made up of different metals that are in various state of cleanliness, it’s not likely to earn you the same amount of money as an individual batch of each kind of metal, which is cleaned to the greatest extent possible. But, different recycling centers and dealers could have their own methods for sorting and grading scrap metal, which means it’s not a exact method of science.


Copper is among the most precious scrap metals, and is valuable when it doesn’t show excessive areas of corrosion.


Food and drink containers made from aluminium are typically of low quality, however the cleaner they’re more efficient. Aluminum sheets should be able to have the screws and trims and insulation removed before they can be considered higher quality and should not contain more than 5 percent of other metals.

Steel stainless

Like aluminium, stainless steel has a higher quality when it is in good condition and has 5% or less of other metals or substances.

Demand and supply on scrap metal prices

Like so many products and commodities the concept of demand and supply influences the worth that scrap metal has. It is interesting to note that the pace that the UK construction industry could influence the value of scrap metal. If the construction economy is slow and there is a shortage of scrap metals will decrease and affect the value of these materials. On the other hand in the range, as things get better the scrap metal becomes a valuable product.

The location of scrap metal prices is a major factor in the price.

Where a scrapyard can be a factor in the price of scrap metal that is offered. The yards that are near ports or larger cities that are that can transport scrap metals to overseas locations will have lower overheads as opposed to a rural, northern yard. However, in the same way in the event that a scrapyard is located in a rural location where scrap metal is more difficult to find and is more expensive to obtain, the yard might have the capacity to shell out more to get it off your hands.

Quantities of scrap metal available on price

If you’re looking for a buyer to buy your metal scrap, you’ll have more leverage in terms of value if have more quantities of scrap. In general, scrap dealers will be more willing to buy scrap when they can purchase it in bulk which will lower the cost per kilo. If you’re determined to keep the scrap until you’ve got enough, you might be able to negotiate a lower cost.

Pricing for ferrous and non-ferrous metals differs

Ferrous metals are made up of iron. They are less sought-after by recyclers, however they can nonetheless be worth a bit of money in large amounts. Scrap metals that are most useful to use for recycling are the non-ferrous. The most common non-ferrous metals are:


How do you determine to determine if a material is ferrous or not?

The easiest method to determine the quality of your scrap metal to determine if it is ferrous or non-ferrous is to determine whether the metal is able to stick to magnets. If so, then it’s ferrous.

How can you get the best scrap metal price?

There are some key points to be aware of in order to find the most money for scrap metal

How do the domestic and global scrap metal markets interact with each other
The present supply and demand
The price of scrap metal is calculated per kilogram

The relation between the scrap metal domestic and global markets

It’s not just the domestic scrap metal market that determines the cost of scrap metal. The international market plays a crucial role as well. Because the UK is among the top five producers of scrap metal around the globe (estimated value of over PS5.6 billion per year) It’s not surprising that the cost of scrap metal worldwide will affect the worth of scrap metal at the nearby scrap yard.

As scrap metal dealers we scan the markets and track the latest rates. This allows us to stay current with the most recent trends and offer you the best price for your scrap metals.