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Summer Exhibitions

As the weather gets nicer and the rain finally disappears, heading outside for an event is the perfect way to exhibit. Being in natural light, with fresh air can lift the mood and make a difference to the standard indoor booths.

How does exhibiting outdoors differ to indoor events?

The most apparent difference is the setting. Being outdoors gives a wider space to work with eliminates the booths and the closed in feeling.

Due to changes in weather conditions, the outdoor stands differ in style and materials. Each display should be able to withstand sun, wind, and water to be the ultimate outdoor stand accessory.

Outdoor Exhibition Displays

It’s probable that most of the exhibition stands and materials aren’t designed for the outdoors. For this reason we wouldn’t advise using them outside, unless you were using additional precautions to keep them in place or under some form of shelter.

What outdoor exhibition options are available?

Tents & Gazebos

Inflatable tents and standard gazebos are the most popular choice when it comes to outdoor exhibiting.

Offering many advantages, such as providing shelter, marking out your stand space and marketing your brand.

Shelter can be useful when it’s extremely hot, when it rains and if the wind starts to pick up. Weather changes can be troublesome for your chosen exhibition displays, so the gazebo adds more protection to the displays, keeping them up right, in good condition and safely assembled.

Unlike indoor displays that have an evident allocation of space, a tent or gazebo helps mark out the stand space and where visitors can find everything related to your business.

One of the biggest advantages is being able to use custom print. Utilising the canopy and walls to display your branding is the perfect opportunity to get your brand out there and seen with ease.

Eyelet banner and flags

The eyelet banners and flags are generally made from a strong PVC which is weatherproof and ready for when the rain hits.

Working with larger format print means you have more space to advertise and make the most of the marketing opportunities. In addition to using at an event, both can be used outdoors for long periods of time. You don’t even have to be around, and yet you’d be sure the custom printed flag would be standing strong!

Outdoor Banners

As mentioned, we wouldn’t advise to use standard banners outside as this isn’t what they are designed for. But if a roller banner is what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find a specialized outdoor solution.

The difference is in the materials, it’ll be heavier, can be fixed down and the banner will be printed on a stronger weatherproof material.