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The Job Market in the Isle of Man

Salaries are paid in Man’s Isle of Man

Although many of the online industries (such as finance and igaming) aren’t impacted negatively by COVID, there’s an overall consensus in both the UK as well as the Isle of Man to keep costs as low as is possible.

While other sectors suffer however, online gaming on the Isle of Man appears to keep the island in a stable state The salaries within the Isle of Man remain generous and the median monthly wage of PS2,674.37.

What jobs are on the Isle of Man?

Gaming, banking and finance are growing sectors on the Isle of Man and are the top employers in the island, with the technology and film industries also becoming major employer on this island.

The impact of COVID on Isle’s largest industries

Gaming and technology have remained robust throughout COVID and, even though certain financial markets have suffered however, there’s an appetite for growth which is good news to future growth on the Isle of Man.

Trust and fund administration firms are also doing extremely well and are largely unaffected by the current state of affairs. But, there’s a distinct situation for the ‘on-the-ground gaming industries like casinos and other venues for gaming that have experienced a more severe impact from the pandemic.

The industry is witnessing their retailor land-based businesses being affected and they are hiring candidates that have been affected.

The number of job-seekers who are actively seeking work on the Isle of Man

The unemployment rate within the Isle of Man currently stands at 2.6 percent of the population which is equivalent to 1,133 people. This is lower than the highest point of the pandemic in April of 2020 where unemployment hit the highest level of 1,347.

A “urgent necessity” to train a portion in the Manx workforce suggests that many of the people who are not employed on Manx on the Isle of Man may have been dismissed from low-skilled jobs. It is believed that the Manx government has committed to provide up to 1,000 jobs and retraining opportunities in the PS100m Economic Recovery Fund. Nearly 700 job openings were made available by the Jobcentre in August, with 60% of them being full-time jobs.

What is the job-seeking process take place in the British Isles?

Interviewees can anticipate video calls to become commonplace for bit longer time, due to COVID-19. However, there could be a face-to-face event further in the future, if it’s could be a possibility.

What can we do to rethink the concept of location-based work?

Many offices have been shut down since the coronavirus outbreak first was discovered in March. While some industries (e.g. financial services) have adopted an approach that is more traditional and are trying to get back to work, other industries especially those working in the iGaming and tech sector have shut down their offices and have opted to remain remote until the last day of the year.

There is also a huge increase in the number of jobs found – particularly in technology-related businesses. We’ve observed three types of remote work that include a total nomad work style that allows employees to work from anywhere at any time and flexible office work, which allows employees to work from any office that is owned by the business; and working from anywhere however, within those same (or comparable) timeslots.

What is the difference between it and other countries around the globe?

The employment marketplace in the Isle of Man is still extremely strong and this is what we’re witnessing in other iGaming top players like Malta. But the mainland UK is in a state of decline.

In contrast it is true that the US iGaming marketplace is also expanding exponentially, however candidates face hurdles like US green card or passport conditions.

What will the future look like?

The Vision2020 plan for economic development on the island and in the Vision2020 plan for economic growth, the Isle of Man government laid out a national strategy for an increase in the active population. The island was promoted as an Enterprise Island as well as a ‘Tech Island’ manufacturing centre that is of high-end quality an ‘Offshore Energy Hub’ and ‘Destination island as well as a ‘Distinctive local food and drinks’.

The government also released its national economic plans for various emerging industries: biomed, aerospace digital media, ICT and aerospace.

It’s hard to tell at this point how much COVID-19’s impact on this project. A PS100m fund is put aside to help to help the Isle of Man economy bounce over the effects of the Covid-19 crisis and Treasury Minister Alfred Cannan saying the pandemic was an “immediate real, credible and significant threat” to the island’s economic health.

But it appears that the Isle of Man still appears to be advancing in the future-proofing of industries like technology, finance and gaming.


In the end, it appears that it appears that the Isle of Man have followed similar patterns to other countries around the globe: industries that had to shut down during the outbreak have experienced the most impact, while those that could remain open have experienced little or any negative impact from COVID , with some even experiencing growth.

Due to the high proportion of industries that are online in this region, however the economies of the British Isles seem much more stable than the mainland UK and the overall wages remain higher.

Job seekers looking to relocate or work on or work in the Isle of Man have a many options However, they might not be able to negotiate as strongly in terms of salary as they did prior to COVID due to the intense competition for jobs currently.