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What is a Commercial Production Company?

A brand or advertising agency employs a commercial production firm to create creative scripts after the client has signed off. The scripts and outputs can be changed from TV commercials to cinema, online ads as well as social media.

A commercial production company usually manages a campaign or project starting from pre-production, and then filming the commercial right up to post-production. This includes managing budgets, assigning a director and crew, sourcing locations, and scheduling/delivering the final piece of content.

What is the definition of a Production Company?

Production companies are firm that has the capacity to create high-end work for other companies that want to create a particular kind of content. The term generally refers to any person who is who are responsible of the engineering aspects involved in producing a specific item regardless of where they are involved in the process where their expertise is needed or how long they’ve been working on the project for.

Different types of Production Companies

There are many kinds of production firms, which all can meet different requirements and outputs. Here is a quick overview of all the different types that production firms are:

Film/TV Production Companies

Television and feature films are much more easily accessible than due to subscription-based services like Netflix, Amazon and even YouTube.

A TV commercial production company will have the necessary resources both on and off screen for bringing a screenplay onto the large screen or, in recent times, the small screen. From location scouts, talent writers, directors, and composers to all things related to post-production, legal and marketing, a film or TV production company will be in the entire responsibility.

Commercial Production Companies

A production firm that is focused on commercial content is usually equipped to create a vast range of content, usually everything from web content to commercials on TV.

Commercial production companies may specialize in explainers as well as awareness videos, brand films training videos, and even innovative projects such as songs videos or short film.

Post-Production Companies

When the director has decided to cut, the entire film goes to an after-production team. Video Effects, editing sound mixing, colour grading and composition of music are all the components to make a film perfect which is performed in post.

Post-production focuses on making the artistic vision on set manifest on the screen.

Animation production companies

If you are able to create an engaging animation, this will enhance your story telling and elevate your story to the next step. Today, computer-generated animations are often used in several animation studios.

However, stop-motion animation and hand-drawn animations are commonly used and equally efficient. All of this is handled by an experienced animation production firm.

Niche Production Companies

A production company with a niche typically focuses on a particular area of production, and is an expert in this area.

One example could be production using a tabletop and this is why some companies specialize in food-related videos. They usually employ specific micro cameras to accomplish this.

How do you determine which firm is right for you?

Knowing which production company is the best fit for your needs or script can be a challenge, particularly in today’s climate, in which production companies are able to manage everything from commercials and online content to feature films and documentaries.