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What is abnormal load haulage?

If you’re just beginning your journey as a construction company or you work in an industry that deals with massive objects such as trams, planes, trains buses, trams, or an oil firm – it is probable that you’ll need to move these large objects from one location to the next. But, if you’re new to the field, it is crucial to learn how to move massive haulage, and specifically, the most unusual load. Learn more.

What is an abnormal load haulage

GOV.UK defines abnormal loads as defined as:

A weight over 44 tonnes
A load on an axle that has an excess of 10 tonnes for one non-driving as well as 11.5 tonnes for an individual driving axle
A width that is greater than 2.9 meters
A straight length of more than 18.65 meters

This applies to companies traveling across the UK with loads that are unusual but they may be different if you’re shipping the loads overseas. If your load is in conformity with UK regulations but do not conform to rules in other countries You must be granted an abnormal load trailer keeper’s certification that you can display when crossing the border.

Abnormal loads could range from mundane to thrilling for example, such as the transportation of trains that are not yet in use and airports, aircrafts to airports as well as large industrial machines motorhomes as well as large yachts as well as oil tankers. In essence, if the load is in compliance with the above regulations and is considered to be an unusual load.

The past has seen police been escorting unruly loads on motorways as well as through towns. This is done to implement techniques to control traffic and make sure that the loads are moved securely, particularly in cases where the cargo is risky, such as one with an oil tank. But, it is not required anymore unless specifically demanded by the business.

Who should you speak to for the purpose of transporting large haulage?

It is crucial to notify authorities prior to transporting large haulage across the nation. This could include the police highway authorities, highway officials, or owners of bridges and structures like Network Rail. Be sure to set aside enough time before you begin transporting the large haulage. For instance an Special Order Application must be completed at least 10 weeks prior to the date that is scheduled for the relocation.

What is the significance of the ESDAL?

ESDAL also known as the Electronic Service Delivery for Unusual loads is a system that was specifically designed to aid drivers and companies transporting unusual loads. With ESDAL it is possible to be informed about who to contact prior to traveling.

But, before you begin making use of this service, you have to sign up with ESDAL. ESDAL is not only useful for businesses that transport unusual loads, but it’s a great option for police officers as well as owners of bridges as well as the owners of structures that are close to or adjacent to Highways England Network.

For example, ESDAL allows you to accomplish these things:

Effectively sort, control, and make decisions whenever you receive alerts about unusual charges in the area
Be aware of any unusual movement of the load in the area.
Maps of proposed routes
Identify any potential ‘problem structures’ en route
Include any information about the constraint that could create limitations for hauliers who plan to use these routes.
Create a library of preferred routes
Online collaboration with hauliers, and give feedback

The ESDAL can provide peace of mind regarding routes, and will also facilitate communication between you the highway authorities, as well as private owners of the routes. Furthermore is that the ESDAL can improve safety with the transport of unusual loads , as it will help drivers be prepared for any restrictions that could arise.

How much will transporting heavy equipment cost?

If you’re planning to contract an organization that can assist you in transporting your unusual weight, you must consider the price. Of course, each business will vary based on their initial quotation and pricing, but other elements that affect the cost include the duration of the journey, travel internationally and the current price of fuel. In general, a larger weight is a good reason for an expensive heavy haulage quote since transporting heavier objects consumes more fuel.

Furthermore, the load that is unusual will be more costly as compared to the other charges due to the limitations and the requirement to inform authorities. Additionally it is not the case that all heavy haulage companies provide abnormal load haulage as a product. This is the reason why you have to select an abnormal and heavy haulage load business that has many years of expertise.

The reasons to employ a company that specializes in heavy haulage

In the above paragraph, if you’re planning to transport something that is not normal and require a specialist, it is best to select an established and reliable company to assist you. When you’re moving parts for a festival venue or have an oil company that requires the transportation of kerosene throughout the nation It is essential that you select a reputable heavy haulage service that can ensure your safety, assist in contacting the authorities and deliver the items promptly.


Heavy haulage drivers be familiar with England by the back of its fingers – from A roads to highways and country lanes. If you’re unsure of the best route to travel for your haulage or unusual loads, an experienced driver can assist you.

A reputable heavy haulage business can bring many advantages. They can help you troubleshoot any possible issues, securely carrying your load, traveling the country , and helping you with any questions you might have.


The stringent requirements for the transport of unusual loads are because they aren’t always the most secure items to be transported. They can also clog the roads however, their massive and heavy nature could frighten drivers, and even prevent them from seeing vehicles that are on the road. Traffic jams can cause numerous issues which include angry drivers as well as potential collisions.

Selecting a reputable heavy haulage business to assist you in transporting an unusual load and ensure that your load are moved in a safe and efficient manner. The drivers will be aware of which is the most efficient time to travel as well as identifying potential issues that might cause difficulties in transporting the load. For instance, traffic calming techniques such as fewer roads, speed limits adjustments as well as travel through residential zones.

Peace of Mind

Moving heavy loads in an unusual manner isn’t the easiestthing to do, and that’s why it can cause many potential problems and, in the end an array of stress for you and your drivers. This is the reason why you should pick a highly skilled heavy haulage business. It is simple, even if you are trying to cut expenses, it’s not worth the hassle and you’ll be sure that the load you have chosen will arrive in a timely and safe manner.