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What is an SEO agency?

Are you still undecided regarding hiring an SEO agency?

It’s understandable. You’ve probably got everyone and their mother via Twitter along with LinkedIn trying to sell you on the idea of SEO. Everybody’s doing it, which is why you shouldn’t… according to reports.

But why is this? It can be hard to grasp a concept as precise and sometimes incomprehensible as SEO and understand the ways it can benefit your company.

That’s why we’re here. We’re here to break down 16 clear and definite SEO benefits – because when it’s effective, it is effective.

SEO helps you attract qualified leads

The beauty of SEO is that it doesn’t about going “out there” to where ever “there” is for customers and traffic; casting a broad net hoping to pull in the right fish. It’s about bringing customers and traffic directly to your digital entrance by determining exactly what products and information they’re searching for and putting them on a platter.

This means that the people who visit your site are on the lookout for a company exactly like yours, and they haven’t yet found you. The only thing you must do is prove to them that you’re a reputable expert in the field by providing high-quality content.

Employing an SEO agency increases brand awareness

One of the fundamental tenets to SEO includes link building (as an effective link building agency) and this involves obtaining an external website that links back to your own in the content. These links, also referred to as backlinks, are the most important ranking factors utilized by search engines to determine whether or not your web site is worthy of being pushed up to the top of search engine result pages (SERPs). The more quality backlinks you have the higher.

Digital PR is among our favorite ways to earn the backlinks of our clients. With a digital PR agency, you produce a unique data set with a striking angle, and then mail it to relevant publications. They create a story about it.

The upshot of all this is that your business will be mentioned in local, national and occasionally international media, and also earns you some decent backlinks. This improves brand awareness and brand trustworthiness increasing your status as an influential figure in your industry.

SEO addresses the entire marketing funnel

It’s not atypical to think of SEO as a simple practice. Search for keywords, write some content, get some backlinks and pray for the best. Wrong.

The top SEOs can be described as content marketers, as also technical wizards. We apply a sales-minded humanist approach to search engines, recognizing queries at every step of the traditional funnel for marketing such as awareness, consideration and choice – and then creating content to guide the user through these steps and maximize the effectiveness of your website.

SEO helps improve user experience for websites

If your site isn’t user-friendly, it isn’t optimised. Although many people – including those who aren’t well-informed SEOs think of Google’s algorithms as an advanced mystery machine that is unpredictability and erratic thinking patterns, Googlebot is actually designed to replicate the experience of humans using search engines.

Search engine crawlers, also known as’spiders are the software which reads your website’s content and gathers data to be indexed by search engines – rely heavily on being able to navigate your site’s structure. Does your website’s content have its proper location? Are your pages properly organized? Do all of your web pages linked? Does your menu on your website make it easy to use?

These are the same elements that improve UX for humans and should be a top priority of any top-quality SEO agency you work with.

Earn long-term rewards that grow

A well-planned SEO campaign can have many ripple effects that go beyond getting your content to be found.

Let’s look at the scenario: You’re a few months to be working for an SEO agency. All the technical aspects of your business are operating smoothly, your site content is optimised and you’re churning out an ever-growing amount of blog posts. You decide to run your first digital PR campaign.

It’s a pretty moderate success initially, earning you two highly valuable links in local news sources. Then, the articles that you’re featured in begin to be published on social media platforms, which increases your visibility as a brand. A growing number of people begin linking to your information, which improves your backlink profile. You start seeing marked increases in both traffic and rankings. Soon, your revenue starts hiking and, satisfied with the results You decide to repeat this process – after all, why wouldn’t you? !

This is one of many reasons that the most reputable SEO agencies do not make time-sensitive promises like “you’ll be on the front page of SERPs within a matter of two weeks!”. The most profitable rewards for SEO campaigns are the long-term ones that yield multiple times more than.

You can compete with the top brands in your industry

Every company has competition as there’s only so many places available at the top.

Imagine you’re in an extremely crowded area, or you’re trying to compete with more established competitors. In that case there’s one basic reason why you should hire an SEO agency: because the other firms already have them.

The websites that land in the top five positions on SERPs – the place where the majority of the traffic goes to – aren’t just the result of random luck. These sites have teams comprised of specialists working day-in and day-out at the back of the house to take them there. If you’re thinking of going toe-to-toe with them, you need to take the same steps.

Lower marketing costs

When the time comes to cut costs marketing is often the first to be reduced. It’s often the only thing that companies can afford to reduce. This was evident throughout the COVID-19 epidemic, when marketing budgets plummeted from 11.2% of revenue in 2018 to just 6.4 percentage in 2021 and only recently started to recover.

However, despite the general decrease in marketing spend however, both the demand and the expenditure related to SEO and online increased. This is due to the fact that, despite the undeserved reputation of being costly, SEO is one of the most cost-effective strategies for marketing available, able of reducing the cost of acquisition as high as 87.41 percent.

Astonishing ROI

Because of its relatively inexpensive cost in comparison to other strategies and its laser-focused, customers based on data, SEO has been dubbed the highest-value approach to marketing inbound within the post-pandemic ‘New normal’.

If executed correctly When done correctly, it could When done correctly, it will help B2B companies generate twice as much revenue through search as other channel, and can yield as high as 12.2x of your marketing expenditure. These figures are only set to increase as more and more businesses are moving to online channels in the pre-New Normal era. Nasdaq forecasted that 95% purchases will happen online by 2040.

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Measure your results

SEO should be driven by data through every stage of the process from creating results, to analyzing them, and using the metrics to produce more results.

Content making decisions are made based on data derived directly from search engines and most sophisticated SEO analytics tools. This lets you set realistic and achievable targets and track progress in real time. Reputable agencies typically employ a range of metrics, such as ranking, traffic and average session duration to monitor your customers’ journey on the website. You can pinpoint the exact issues and determine the proportion of your revenues increase is directly attributed to SEO.

This makes it a breeze to develop and justify the business case for hiring the services of an SEO agency.

Visit brick-and-mortar sites

Let us pose a question for you: a friend wants to come over for a coffee but you can’t think of the one that is convenient for you and your friend. What can you do? You go to the internet and search for one. Let’s say after a cup of coffee you decide to go to the bookstore, but you don’t know where to go. How do you get there? Look it up.

SEO effectively puts small businesses in the spotlight. So much of our daily life is influenced by search and, regardless of what you think of it this has an immediate impact on your business. According to Google seven-six percent of mobile search results lead to an in-store visit within one day. If your business isn’t at the top of the pile for those queries, you’re risking losing business to local competitors.

You can have a group of experts to your service

There’s always a temptation, especially with the amount of contradicting advice available to make a DIY attempt at the SEO of your website. Please don’t do this. We’re begging you.

Why do you have to spend endless hours in addition to the work you’re already doing to learn a complex and highly technical discipline that’s best handled by a team of people who do this for an income to compete against the agencies hired by big-name companies, when you can make your own team to do it for you?

Hiring an SEO agency provides access to the expertise of technical experts with experience in web development and programming as well as professional content marketers, digital PR experts and copywriters and copywriters all in one.

SEO can have positive effects that ripple across every area of marketing

SEO does not exist in the absence of. Strategies are most effective when all of your online channels and assets are optimised and coordinated, which includes:

Your website

Your content

Your branding

Your social media

SEO strategies are based on a strong website, which is the heart of the company or, in some cases, the business itself. It’s natural, then, to ensure that the SEO agency’s efforts will resonate throughout your web presence. A good website requires excellent brand identity; strong copy demands a solid proposition as well as a consistent tone engaging social media demands engaging information, and so on…

The agencies have the insider knowledge

The SEO industry community is the ultimate resource for learning. The algorithms of Google are kept private, meaning that SEO companies are often required to tap into their most valuable source of information: each other.

Platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn allow us to not only look over one another’s research analyze dips and spikes in the other’s traffic, and get the most current paradigm-shifting updates as well as interact with Google’s Search Advocates and obtain answers directly to our queries.

SEOs also stay abreast of all the latest developments and trends in search via podcasts, industry publications like Search Engine Journal, newsletters created by other agencies, and much, much more. Being involved in this all day means that agencies and their employees are at the cutting edge of everything related to search.

Make sure you know your clients better

Perhaps it’s true as they say: you will never truly know someone until you’ve looked up their Google search past.

In a similar way to the relationship you have with your target audience and the people you want to connect with, it’s surprising what you can learn about your customer base by using just a few keywords. By conducting keyword analysis, SEOs can draw the picture of your ideal group by providing you with exact data, in their own words, on their challenges and gaps in knowledge.

You can make use of this information not only to target them across the funnel, but also to create customer personas and also improve the specificity of your product.

On the subject of…

Discover new opportunities

What if you could find something that your user wanted to know or be given, and you were able to get a jumpstart on the competitors by providing the information?

This isn’t required, but it is not uncommon that one specific search query – or rather, a specific customer need will come up in the information that isn’t part of the scope of your current offerings however, it is within your range of operations; something that makes you think: “huh… it’s not bad, in the end”.

When they search for the items and information that they truly require, your customers are unwittingly giving you new ideas for your company.