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Glowsticks: The Science Behind the Magic

Glowsticks are well-known for their role for parties but their applications are limitless. Originally developed by the military during the 60’s a patent was granted in January 1976 for an electronic signal device that was chemically luminous and was attributed to the creators Vincent J Esposito, Steven M Little and John H Lyons; this is the closest to the current design.

This design was utilized by the military for chemilights (as they are referred to by the military them) glow from an internal source that requires no electricity, gas, or ignition spark. It is merely a light source created as a result of the chemical reaction. This makes them suitable for emergencies, or for situations that include explosions, gas or fire, after all, you need lighting, not something that’s going create more problems! Glow sticks are that only light source recommended to use in the aftermath of natural disasters because of their safe and contained light source which requires no electricity and more importantly creates no sparks.

” Glow sticks are in reality the only source of light recommended to be used in the aftermath of natural disasters due to their protected and contained light source that doesn’t require electricity and, more importantly, does not create sparks. “

The military knew it was a good thing, and like any other product, people soon got their hands on these. Glow sticks, also known as lighter sticks as they’ve also been called, have been adopted into the recreational world and are extremely popular with divers because they’re waterproof and can withstand extreme pressure whilst providing light for them to see and to be observed. It’s because of these reasons that glowsticks are also popular in sports such as caving or potholing; they’re even employed as fishing lures for large bait fish such as swordfish!

The recent rise in night sports such as night golf can be attributed caused by the humble glowstick. Golfers light up their clubs, the fairway and the putting green with glowsticks , then themselves using glow necklaces and so that they can easily be seen in the darkness, and can form teams using particular colours. A glow in the dark golf ball is then put to use, and there you have it! It’s the answer to the keen golfer’s issue of dark, early nights!

The sport of juggling isn’t the sole recreational uses for glow sticks. They’re also advocated in the performing arts and glowsticking is an art form in its own right that was developed by poists and juggling artists and quickly incorporated into the music scene through performances typically seen at music events and at big clubs. This amazing visual spectacle led to a huge demand for glow sticks as clubbers were looking to replicate those seen at clubs even if they only had one or two lights that were held in one hand; a less elaborate display, but quite fun none the less.

Whatever adults can do, kids can do better. Glowsticks in all their many guises have become extremely popular for children’s event and parties, kids are enthralled by the excitement and the vibrant colourful glowing glow that can really enhance the party atmosphere. It’s this growing popularity among children and adults alike that makes glowsticks, glow necklaces, glow necklaces, and glow accessories perfect for fundraising events as they’re reasonably priced to purchase in quantity with a large ROI, which leaves a large margin for the cause that is required.

For children, glowsticks or snap lights as they’re sometimes known are extremely high-visibility items. Glow necklaces or glow bracelets are becoming increasingly popular during occasions such as Halloween. It’s easy to integrate a glowstick into the costume of your child so that they’re easily seen by motorists and are easy to spot by parents while watching their children in the crowd. They’re also a fantastic and safe alternative to candles that make pumpkins glow!

Still looking for a solution? Well, speaking of alternatives that are safe to candles they are becoming increasingly utilized by schools for the carol service, Christingle services and choir performances where candles were traditionally employed to create a festive impact. Bulk glow sticks wholesale are the most obvious choice since there’s no flame and they remain cool to the touch , despite a strong bright glow which means even the tiniest youngsters can participate in these events. There’s no fire danger as well as the children have a souvenir of their performance!

This is a truly versatile product. the variety of applications to glowsticks are endless. they’re also being used to create an emerging art movement called light art. Artists create incredible effects using LED’s glowsticks and photography for the most stunning effects, with such a wide appeal that this movement is experiencing an enormous rise in popularity. Could it be due to that amazing glowing glow?

It appears that the appeal of glowsticks is likely to continue to increase and that’s because of their basic formula: they’re affordable, disposable, water-proof and can withstand high pressure, they’re safe, colourful, vibrant and most all fantastic fun!