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What Can A Glow Stick Be Used For?

You have probably come across glow sticks at one point in your life. However, others refer to them as light sticks or chemlights. When you bend a glow stick the glass inside breaks and it then begins to shine.

Once they start to glow after which you can expect them to be visible in the dark up to 12 hours. The duration of time the glow sticks will last depends on the quality of the glow stick and the size of the glow stick.

Keep in mind that once you have broken the glass and the light appears and you are able to switch it off.

You can find glow sticks in a variety of kinds of shapes and sizes. Most of them are not longer than 10 inches in length, but there are some that you can join to make longer ones. They also come in many different shades, including red, blue, yellow and orange. However, it appears the orange and red don’t glow as well.

Glow sticks are very well-loved among kids and other partygoers But what else can you use glow sticks for?


If you plan to explore the wild, it is vital that you pack reliable lighting. For several years it’s become common for people to use flashlights in a critical situation.

In contrast to other lighting sources Glow sticks don’t require batteries to function. If you purchase a good glow stick, it will provide 12 hours of illumination and you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries.

Glow sticks are safe, therefore, you don’t have to be concerned about them causing the fire, nor do they spark a fire or electrocute someone. They’re even safe for kids for them to use.

Because they’re small and light, you’ll easily be able to squeeze them into enough space to pack.

Even the finest quality glow sticks can be expensive. If you are looking for price, purchasing glow sticks in bulk is your best option.

What situations in the world could you see a Glow Stick prove useful?

There are many reasons why you should pack a glow stick with your survival kit such as:

This app helps you read a topographic map in the darkness.

You can mark a trail in order to direct other campers to your site.

Groups of people can be kept together In the dark, it can be very difficult to arrange lots of people hence a glowing stick could make a helpful tool

Following a road crash, you can use a glow stick to mark the spot The glow sticks are a great way to warn motorists coming up to you that there’s an accident at the roadside. If there is debris on the roadway or gas spills are evident, putting the glow stick in the vicinity can alert other motorists.

Don’t fall: If you often camp, you’ve probably run into a bump at one point. Tiny holes and trees and other obstacles not visible in the dark can cause injuries. Placing a glow stick near, you can help alert other people. It is also possible to place glowing sticks to signify the path to be safe.

If it’s pouring rain or you’re in water, you don’t have to worry because glow sticks can withstand water and are perfect for wet areas.

Glow sticks are commonly used by militaries across the world to serve as a rescue tool. If you do decide to buy glowing sticks at a wholesale price, and you pack a large amount in your survival kit, then you are able to easily write SOS using them in case you are stuck in a dangerous area.

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How do you dispose of Glow Sticks? Are they completely safe?

One of the drawbacks of using glow sticks is that there is no method that is environmentally sustainable and they can be recycled. Since all glow sticks contain chemicals within, the plastic casing cannot be reused and neither can it be repurposed.

The reason glow sticks emit illumination is that there are two major ingredients that create chemical reactions.

While the casing is constructed of durable plastic, you should be wary of children or pets chewing the plastic. Although the chemicals are not as harmful, it’s not recommended to consume them. If a child is able to swallow some of the chemicals, ensure that they wash your mouth immediately. Consult your physician should your child swallowed a lot.


Glow sticks come with an average shelf life of 4 years as long as they are kept in the original packaging. If the package has been removedfrom the packaging, you can anticipate it to last for 1 year. If you choose to purchase in bulk, keep this in your mind. If you own a significant quantity of glow sticks but think they are out of date, test one before you throw them the entire collection away.

Glow sticks are not just an excellent source of light however, families and children are able to play a range of games and enjoy a fun with them.