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What is rolling ice cream?

What is rolling ice cream?

Rolling Ice cream, also referred to as Thai rolled ice cream, or stir-fried icecream, is a frozen dessert which originates from Thailand. It is prepared by pouring a mix of cream, milk sugar, flavorings, and sugar on a cold plate. The mix is dispersed and cut into thin ribbons using a spatula. They are wrapped up into bowls or cones that are served up with a selection of toppings like chocolate sauce, fruit and whipping cream.

The history of rolling Ice cream

The exact source of rolling ice cream’s history is not clear However, it is believed that it started in Thailand during the first decade of 2000. The dessert quickly gained popularity in Thailand and then spread across Asia. In recent times, rolling ice cream has grown in popularity across the United States and other countries across the globe.

How do you make rolling Ice Cream

Rolling ice-cream is fairly easy. Here are the steps to follow:

Get your ingredients together. You’ll require sugar, milk, cream as well as flavorings and a cold plate of metal.
Pour the mix onto the plate of cold metal. This mixture must be approximately 1/8 inch thick.
Spread the mixture using a spatula.
The mixture should be smashed into fine ribbons using the spatula.
The ribbons are rolled up and placed in cones, or into bowls.
Serve with your preferred toppings.

Tips to make rolling Ice Cream

Here are some tips to make rolling ice cream:

Make use of a cold plate. As cold as the plate is, the faster frozen ice cream will melt.
Make use of a spatula to spread the mixture equally. This can help make thin or even slices made of the ice cream.
The mixture should be scraped into thin ribbons using an abrasive spatula. This will result in smooth even rolls of Ice cream.
Serve the chilled ice-cream right away. Ice cream that rolls is best served right after it has been prepared.

Different variations on roll ice cream

There are a variety of variations to rolling Ice Cream. Here are some ideas:

Make use of different flavors of milk cream, sugar, and milk.
Mix in different flavors to the ice cream, for example chocolate, fruit or even candy.
Serve the frozen dessert with a variety of toppings like chocolate sauce, fruit and whipped cream or sprinkles.

Where can I purchase rolling ice cream

Rolling Ice cream is becoming more popular and is now available all over. It can be found in specialty ice cream shops or food trucks, and even at some grocery stores.


Rolling Ice cream is a delicious and refreshing chilled dessert great on a hot day. It’s simple to prepare and is customizable to suit your taste. If you’re seeking something sweet, consider giving the rolling-ice cream recipe a shot.