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What Is The Difference Between Burning Wax Melts Versus Burning Candles

1. Longer burn time

The wax melts are able to absorb heat more slowly than traditional candles and allow the release of aromas and scents without burning oil. This makes the wax able to release fragrance without the fragrance vaporizing quickly. If you ignite candles, the opposite occurs. The heat generated by the burning candle’s flame helps the wax stay at an elevated temperature, which causes the scent to spread throughout the air more quickly.

2. Less expensive than candles

The cost of wax melts is lower than traditional candles since they use less fragrance and last longer. The burn time for an 1 ounce of wax melts is approximately 5 times more that traditional candle. Let’s look at it numerically the cost of a candle is approximately £20.00 and the typical burn time is around 60 hours. The typical cost for wax melts UK is approximately £15.00 with an average burning time of around 225 hours. This simple example shows that melts made of wax are much less expensive than candles.

3. Flame-free

Traditional candles require flames and as per the National Fire Protection Association during the period 2011-2015 candles were the cause of the majority of reported fires in homes and 3percent of home fire deaths and 7 percent of injuries from fires in homes along with 4% of direct property damages in home fires.

Wax melts are only required to be heated that run on electricity but don’t require any open flame. Flammable flames pose danger and can cause burns to your children, yourself pets, or your possessions.

4. Don’t release toxic chemicals

Candles release toxic toxins that can trigger allergies and asthma, and can be connected to cancer. The most commonly used kind of wax that is used in the present is paraffin which is an unrecyclable product created of the petroleum sector. Paraffin wax emits harmful chemicals like toluene and benzenethat are known to cause damage to the lungs, brain and the central nervous system. Candles also have wicks that might contain heavy metals, like lead. The inhalation of airborne heavy metals may cause serious harm to your health. While there is a requirement in the United States candle wicks are mandated to use cotton or paper wicks studies indicate that up to 30% of them may have heavy metals in them.

5. Convenient

Candles need to be handled with caution due to the possibility of open flame and are difficult to carry since they are contained in glass bottles which are fragile and easily break. But, wax melts don’t have any of these issues and are more practical. They don’t require the use of a lighter, and are safe for children to use and are quickly transported without having the fear of breaking glass everywhere.

6. Scents are a thing that can be controlled and modified

You can adjust the intensity of the scent depending on your preference or the room you’re making use of the melts in. The wax melts are available in a variety of sizes and are not restricted to the form in which it is packaged. It is possible to mix it and burn different waxes in order to create a distinctive scent that is your personal preference.