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Why Wax Melts Are Great For Your Home

Let’s face it most of us would love to have a pleasant smelly home. Particularly if you work at your home. Most of the time it’s not enough to simply clean your home and open a door Sometimes, we need an indestructible scent that can fill your home with something we cherish. Many people resort to scent-laden candles as well as wax melts.

But, what’s better? burning a traditional candle or using a wax melt? This is why I’m here to provide you with 5 reasons to pick the wax melt over candles.

1. Wax Melts are typically less expensive than candles.

Because candles require more ingredients to make than wax melts, this usually means they’re also more costly. The general rule is that candles require wax. But don’t tell me that! I’m sure melts do, too! Also, the other elements that melts require in fragrance oil and perhaps some kind of color. Candles are also required to have a container, as well as an candle wick. Both could add significant amounts to the price.

A glass container to hold a candle will always be more expensive than a melt of wax which has been taken out of molds or kept in an enveloping.

2. You can typically reduce your environmental footprint by using wax melts UK

This is the main reason why you should look into candle melts rather than candles If you reduce the amount of materials used and also decrease the environmental impact.

It’s 2022 and we’re all doing our best to minimize the impact on Earth in the least amount possible. Are wax melts completely green? Absolutely they aren’t. There is nothing that is. Everything needs materials, transportation and, in some way, contributing to the carbon footprint. If they’re sourced appropriately the melts of wax can be less harmful to the environmental sphere than candles.

Of course, there are times when wax melts come in clamshells, which are typically not recyclable. That’s why it’s recommended to purchase wax melts with minimal or no packing, recyclable bags or recyclable clamshells for wax melts.

3. Wax melts generally have better scent reverberation than candles do.

I’ll make my opinion about this issue clear at the outset I believe that candles are not suited to give a nice scent throw. I don’t see any benefit of using candles to create scent, as I don’t think they offer much. In general, they have a smaller melt pool however, even when you do find a bigger pool, the candle is melted in a way that’s incredibly and creates a pile of wax on the sides that needs to be cut.

Perhaps I’ve been purchasing cheap candles. And in all truth, we did have one Jo Malone one once (I know, proper posh Bastards) and it was fantastic! However, I’m not paying these costs when I could purchase – or even make – an melt instead!

4. Wax melts could be more safe to use in the presence of children

The benefit of melting contrast to candles is their simplicity. They can be used without flame. Of course, a lot of prefer an old-fashioned flame-based burner however the option of using an electric burner is also available. In essence, you can have the option of choosing between wax melt burners when you use a wax melt as opposed to candles.

An electric burner could reduce the risk of a fire arising in the event that the child falls on the burner. Of course, melts of wax must be kept away from the child’s reach, however accidents do occur. Therefore, having an electric flame is more secure over exposing the flame from candle.

5. Candles produce more waste than melts of wax

Have you ever purchased a huge candle and was incredibly excited to start it? After a few hours it’s either mushroomed or there’s a lot of unburned wax on over the side of the candles, as the burn pool runs through the wax? Sure, there are ways and techniques to use to stop these problems however the fact remains that candles waste more wax than melts ever have.

And, not only that, there’s also the environmental impact from the materials that are used. It’s likely that I’ve already covered, so I’ll stop there.
It is important to determine what you are looking for before deciding on either a candle or a wax melt. candle

Before you decide whether or not you would prefer either a candle or a candle, you need to decide what you would like in the end product. Candles for me have one main function: LIGHT!

In winter, I like burning candles rather than lighting the main light source. This is why we generally opt for long stick candles, or simply tea-lights that are placed in wax melters. I’ve not seen candles that are great for bringing a strong scent to your home. They do include a nice cold throw but the hot throw isn’t anything compared to a good wax melt.