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How A Trip To The Cinema Can Be Good For The Workplace

In terms of staff morale at work Research suggests that the employees are not in good shape.

As per the Health and Safety executive stress and anxiety were responsible for 44 percent of all work-related illnesses, as well as 57% of all work days lost due to illness health in the 2021/22.

These are quite staggering statistics. Add to that the fact that more than 163 million annual days of leave were not used in 2021, it’s evident that UK employees are working more than they have ever been, but possibly at the expense of their health.

The increasing incidence of mental health and ill health issues means that striking the proper balance between work and private life is becoming increasingly crucial to HR teams and office managers. Nobody wants to be “on” in the workplace Everyone needs to unwind, turn off their email, switch off their mobiles and forget about the worries of the corporate world.

Research has consistently shown that employees who have a good life balance are happier as well as more efficient. Companies can assist in this regard by offering things like providing gifts or vouchers to entertainment – and going to the movies is something that everyone will enjoy! Also, a trip to the theater isn’t only an enjoyable experience for all ages; it’s an extremely cost-effective method for businesses to ensure that their employees live an enjoyable and balanced life. They also most importantly they feel appreciated, too.

Are you skeptical? We’ve compiled seven reasons why a private cinema hire can be a great way of improving morale at work and to increase the engagement of your employees.

It’s a respite from the routine

Sometimes, it feels that we’re living our lives in a loop at work, home, at home, work, home and work… It could sometimes seem like an endless loop.

The constant rat race consumes us and the monotony of it can be exhausting. However, an evening trip to see the latest blockbuster or a hit film can provide a much-needed relief.

Giving employees the chance to participate at the cost of the company is an excellent method to increase morale. Additionally, it shows appreciation for their work at work and helps employees feel like celebrities. So, win-win!

Cinemas are a great place to unwind

Over the past 100 years cinema has provided a sense of escapism in the purest sense – and continues to do this even today! The viewers are absorbed in the narrative and forget about their worries.

No emails, no ringing phones, no nagging customers, managers or colleagues. Even if the movie is quick-paced, a trip to the cinema can be enjoyable for everyone involved.

A movie can help reduce stress

Another benefit that the film’s escapism is that it can also help reduce stress.

Stress is among the most significant factors that affect productivity and morale of employees in the workplace. If left untreated, stress can be a problem for everyone of us without warning and lead to more serious health issues. Therefore, it is logical to offer a program that allows people to lower stress levels and relieve their tension is a great way to ensure their mental health.

A time spent away from the sources of stress can be extremely beneficial to both physical and mental well-being.

While it might not appear to be much from a distance an evening out can be a major boost to the quality of life for people at work.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for families to spend time with each other.

Everyone benefits from spending time with family and friends. It doesn’t matter if it’s family or friends being around people you love and being with can be an excellent method to replenish your batteries.

Going to the movie is something that everyone looks for, a great evening out, but it’s more than just a night out and a shared moment and something to discuss for a long time afterwards.

Movies create engagement

There’s nothing like an incentive to motivate employees to do their best and giving discount cinema ticket vouchers as a reward for employees who do well is an excellent method to are able to get the most out of your employees and boost staff morale. In the end, if one person in the team arrives at work and tells them about the amazing evening they had, it can encourage others to take the same action!

Cinema provides a wide range of choices

Cinema-based rewards as well as other non-cash incentives provide a greater worth to the people. When you give the gift of the cinema is giving them a lot options for what they do with the reward. You can pick who you go to the movies with, and they can pick the film they want to watch, and the time they’ll go to the cinema. Cinema tickets are an attractive incentive, and one that everyone is likely to want to achieve.

Cinema rewards = happier, productive staff

The main point is that when employees are happy and more relaxed, they can work more. The business is more productive. It’s quite simple!

Movie ticket vouchers can be a fantastic way to inspire staff members regardless of race, age, gender, or faith, as there is always something for all (even even if it takes just a few minutes to wait for the movie you’d like to watch to be shown on the screen). They’re cost-effective for company and can create an impact that is tangible and real.