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Do I Need Breakdown Cover?

Breakdown cover will not stop your vehicle from breaking down, but it will help you get to the highway -in the event of a claim, you can count on this article to help you consider.

What exactly does breakdown cover?

If your vehicle breaks down when you’re out and about The breakdown insurance policy is available to assist you with repairs. If you’re lucky you won’t require assistance however, breakdowns usually occur at times you don’t expect them (and usually in the most un-affordable of locations).

You can purchase the breakdown cover in conjunction with your car insurance , or you can purchase it separately. These policies are also referred to as recovery and breakdown insurance.

Breakdown cover is also available as a bonus with certain bank accounts , so make sure to see if you’ve had insurance prior to doubling on cover.

The kind of assistance you receive when breaking down will be contingent on the amount of cover you choose to take out For instance:

Assistance with roadside emergencies — your insurance company will make arrangements for assistance to visit you. An expert mechanic is dispatched to your home and attempt to fix your car on the roadside. If the issue isn’t fixed the mechanic will usually make arrangements for your vehicle to be taken to the nearest garage. It’s important to note that certain limitations apply, and a lot of policies stipulate that you have to be within a certain distance of your home in order to be eligible for roadside assistance.

Home assistance — If your car isn’t starting at your home (or close to your home) then you’ll be able to contact a professional for assistance and possibly get your car repaired there and then. Some policies offer the home breakdown cover is known as ‘home start’.

National recovery — If your vehicle isn’t repaired on the road, you can arrange to be towable anywhere within the UK to make it easier for you.

If you are planning to travel onwards and your vehicle isn’t fixed These policies can help you get on with your journey. This may include hiring a car or taxi and accommodation.

European breakdown cover covers roadside assistance if you crash down within Europe (double make sure that the country you’re traveling to has coverage).

Do I have the option of adding additional insurance to my cheap breakdown cover?

Like many other kinds of insurance, you can add additional options to cover more occasions. Optional extras can include:

Key replacements for keys that have been lost
Replacement of the Tyre
Replacement of batteries

What is the cost of breakdown cover?

The price will depend on the amount of cover you select and the extent to which you’ve included additional features. Keep in mind that insurance companies set the terms of their contracts, so the features offered will differ.

A cheap breakdown cover may seem like an ideal idea at the time you purchase it, however it may not be of good value once you actually require it. For example, if you just have roadside help, and require transporting your vehicle to the garage because it isn’t able to be repaired, you’ll have to organize this on your own. If you’ve also broken down during your journey, you’ll have to consider the cost of travel to get there and possibly accommodation costs too.

However policies that include the national recovery program and travel onward may appear expensive, however it may provide more value for money and also be more practical.

Do I have to pay for the car breakdown cover per month?

It is possible to cover breakdown cover each month, but making the payment annually could be the most affordable alternative. Instalments can allow you to spread the cost , but you may be paying more when the interest charges are added.

Are there other people I can add to my recovery and breakdown insurance?

Breakdown cover is typically flexible , and often you’ll be able to add multiple named drivers and their cars to your insurance. Multi-car car insurance policies are perfect for families where each member owns their own car.

There are also policies that cover only one car but multiple drivers, which is ideal for those who share a vehicle with your family members.

How do I proceed if I fall down?

A road accident could leave you in a state of panic, but try to remain calm. Here’s what you need to do:

You should park in a safe area On motorways and carriageways, park as far from the left side of the hard shoulder as you are able.
Be noticed — you must wear a high-visibility vest or jacket, and then put on your car’s hazard lights on.
Get out of your car (if it’s appropriate to take the necessary steps) — If you’re driving on a busy street Try getting out on the passenger side to ensure you don’t get stuck in traffic. According to the Highway Code recommends heading to the edge of the highway. Pets are not allowed in the vehicle unless they can be controlled properly.
Contact help for assistance — If you have breakdown and recovery insurance, contact your insurance provider. They’ll help you make the appropriate arrangements and be able to provide you with advice based on the current situation.

What happens if I fall down and I don’t have a breakdown cover?

If you don’t have breakdown or recovery insurance, there are several options:

Make use of emergency phonesThey are located just one mile apart on the motorway’s hard shoulder that connect with the Highways Agency or the police. It is important to explain where you are and what’s happening, and they’ll be able to send help. It is best to face the traffic while making the phone call. Return to your vehicle after you’ve completed the call, and remain at the edge.
Find a garage near youIf you know the location of your home and need help, call an area garage to get help.
Purchase breakdown cover at that point and thenyou can purchase emergency breakdown cover on by the highway from a variety of providers such as the AA as well as the RAC, as well as Green Flag.

It is important to remember that these options will likely cost significantly higher than an insurance policy for breakdowns. If you choose to purchase emergency cover on an intersection, you’ll be paying more than when you purchased the policy in advance.

What’s not covered by my insurance for car breakdowns?

The policy you purchase will have several limitations and conditions. They will differ by insurance company however, policies might not cover:

Disruptions on private land
Pets traveling on their own
Accidents can cause breakdowns
Failures due to poor maintenance (for instance , if you haven’t filled up your oil)

Does a breakdown cover worth the cost?

It’s your decision. If you’re not concerned about a breakdown or if your vehicle is fairly new and you’re sure you won’t have to be a problem, then you don’t require or want insurance.

But, the nature of breakdowns is that you don’t know what will happen next and there’s plenty to be said about security traveling.