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Reasons To Choose Ford Transit Custom vs Other Vans

If you’re looking for an Van with a cabin that gives an impression of an Car and feel like a car, the Ford Transit Custom easily beats other vans. It is the Ford Transit has a car-like cabin, but with more security. It is among the most comfortable mid-weight vans that move around. Therefore, the next time you’re looking for Ford vans, here are some points that you might be interested in the Ford Transit Custom.

1.) Option to expand the load Space It means the load space is separate from the passenger cabin by a complete length and weight bulkhead. What’s the point of displaying your important items on the roof instead of putting it through the back doors to an extra space under the double passenger seat of the van.

2.) Safety of the trailer A trailer sway controller provides you with information about the trailer’s sway to allow you to manage the towing. This means you’ll be reducing the engine’s torque, while slowly increasing the pressure of your brakes. Cool, eh?

3.) Pedestrian-friendly: You are alerted to pedestrians and cars through a pre-collision. The system will apply the brakes automatically in the event that you don’t react, thereby preventing any collision. It operates at speeds that can reach 50 miles per hour.

4.) Advanced Hands-Free Technology Your phone is linked to Ford SYNC via blue-tooth . This allows users to use their vocal commands to play music, or to make calls without hands. It also has an AppLink which allows you to control certain most popular Apps on Your Android Phone. If you are involved in an accident there’s another feature called Emergency Assistance, designed to contact Emergency Services.

5.) Feeling big – The front, the side, and the curtain airbags as well as ABS as well as ESC stability controls are extremely amazing for an Van. Combine that with the body structure constructed of high-strength material like Boron and you’ll surely feel like being in a huge station wagon, not just the typical Van.

6) Best Panel Van – There were two wheelbases as well as one roof height when it was launched. Ford Transit Custom was launched. A higher roof was later added. The vans are front-wheel drive. You can choose between three different versions of the EcoBlue 2.0 Liter engine that can offer up to 15% savings in fuel. A manual gearbox with six speeds is attached to the engines.

7) Security Ford Transit Custom is secured with a remote-controlled central locking system; in addition, there is the added benefit of opening a door without locking the other doors automatically. Two types of alarms are available , however they’re not required.

Ford Transit Customs make good camper vans. Recently, for instance the German Westfalia built a toilet in its most recent Ford Transit camper van. What’s more fascinating is the UK electric vehicle sales continue to grow, this year, we saw the transformation of the Ford Transit into a range-extended electric vehicle. As European nations take a harder stance on pollution from vehicles on the road automakers are coming into action to cut down on the levels of nitrogen oxides that cause smog particularly in urban areas. Ford recognized the commercial vehicle market as one that it believes is ideal for electrification, and in September of last year, it unveiled the Ford Transit Plug-In Hybrid Van.