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Beauty Oils: Are They Worth Your Money?

Are you thinking that beauty oils are an old fashion trend? You’re wrong. These oils can be among best things you could apply to your skin.
When we think of oils and banishment, we are thinking banishment. As a teenager, we were taught about the benefits of having oil-free skin. “Oil-Free wash”, “Oil-Control Skincare”,”Drying Potion.” These are only few examples of the marketing bombardment targeted at not just acne sufferers, but all those seeking healthy skin. Even those with balanced or sensitive complexions were taught that skin and oil don’t mix.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the idea of applying oil directly on the face is a bit nutty for the majority of women. What if you realized that you’ve been doing the oil issue in a way that’s not right? It’s not the bad guy it’s been portrayed to be.

The skin is able to produce its own oil naturally. Certain types of skin produce more than other types. However, the natural oils are crucial for a healthy and beautiful complexion. The focus should be less about removing oil and more about balance in oil. Yes, it’s true for those with acne too. Read more over on our website.

The problem is that you’re cleansing the skin of oil due to excessive cleansing and harsh ingredients. The skin actually begins to produce more oil to recover some of the oil it’s lost. The skin doesn’t want dry out, and which is why it increases oil production, which accumulates beneath the dry, flaky part of your skin. The pores are blocked, and bacteria grow and…zits as well as dull skin develop.

Each skin type is able to benefit from using natural beauty oils. The majority of organic facial oils consist of various plant oils, each with the ability to support skin. Certain oils are lighter, such as veronica and rosehip, which are more suitable for oily and acne-prone skin kinds. The more nourishing oils, such as argan and avocado are great for dry skin. That’s only the top of the iceberg for beauty oils. There are oils that work to combat acne, anti-aging as well as for smoothing, brightening and virtually every skin issue you could think of.

The way you apply facial oil will depend on the issue you’re trying to treat. If the oil is used as a treatment for blocked pores or discoloration it to cleansed skin and then apply moisturizer. If you’re trying to treat dryness, rubbing the oil over the moisturizer will lock in the hydrating ingredients and shield the skin.