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How DMT Interacts With Other Substances

DMT (Dymethyltriptomine) can be described as an extremely powerful hallucinogenic class A drug found in a myriad of plant species . It can be smoked, snorted, injected in its crystal form, or mixed with the ayahuasca.

It is a hallucinatory substance that boosts serotonin levels in the human brain. It triggers rapid-acting psychedelic experiences.

If you imagine DMT The image often painted is a glamorous trip using the powerful hallucinogen. But, DMT use is anything other than glamorous and we’re here to give you better insight into the substance.

Once you’ve finished going through our blog, you’ll have all the details you’ve been looking for. Take an adventure and get answers to your questions, including the facts about DMT overdoses you’ve never had before.

Everything You Need To Be Aware of DMT

“DMT, whose scientific name is Dimethyltryptamine is a natural substance found in many species of animals and plants.”

There are many who call it the spirit molecule’. that is mostly in part due to the impact it has on those who consume the substance.

If you think of the hallucinogen, you’ll see it in the same category with other psychedelics like mushrooms or LSD. However, the main difference between this one and others is that the duration of the trip is less intense than other hallucinogens.

“Even though the trip may be shorter, that doesn’t mean that it’s not as robust.”

The effects that are felt can be described as auditory and visual hallucinations, amongst other things that we will discuss later .

If you’re caught making or selling, in possession of, or even buying it, you can expect some severe consequences primarily because it’s classified as Class A drug. Although it’s not legal, it doesn’t stop people from taking it recreationally.

Does DMT Exist In the Human Brain?

There’s been lots of speculation on whether DMT and whether or not it’s naturally produced in your body through the brain. Numerous scientists have tried to dispute this claim and discover where you get DMT and whether it is naturally occurring in small quantities in your body.

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The third eye of the body or its pineal gland, is accountable for releasing the substance throughout the body. It allows us to have the vivid and sometimes crazy or frightening dreams we have in the night because it releases the substance.

Certain scientists view the substance being DMT serotonin. Serotonin can help people stay away from REM and spend more hours in sleep. In deep sleep it is when some of your most vivid dreams occur.

As a journey can result in similar visions as dreams can cause, it’s no surprise that researchers may have discovered a connection in the chemical compounds.

Is this true? As long as no further research can provide solid proof, that question will continue to remain a mystery frustrating even the most talented researchers who work furiously towards an answer.

It is the appearance DMT

In its most pure form, it appears like a white crystal or solid
The most commonly used and less pure form is a yellow, orange or pink powder or solid
A brownish/green herbal mixture, when combined with other herbs
A brownish/red liquid when included in an ayahuasca-based brew

DMT Methods of Utilization

When it comes to ways to take the hallucinogens, there are quite a few that you might not even have heard of. The most common way to consume the drug is by inhaling it. Many people are able to smoke the drug using an glass pipe or glass bong.

This method is also known as vaporization. It heats the substance, causing smoke which the user inhales.

“The consequences of taking DMT when it comes to short-term effects, will take effect faster than other methods of it.”

Another method to experience the DMT feeling is by taking the drug orally. It’s as simple as brewing DMT from the DMT plant into tea or any other herbal drink which is heated to release the psychoactive properties. DMT is a naturally occurring chemical that’s been used for centuries for religious ceremonies in some South American cultures.

In fact, taking DMT sublingually is also within an oral classification. Sublingually, you consume DMT and place it on your tongue in an oil or powdered form. After that, the user will wait until the majority is absorption by the body before it swallows the rest.

The final method by which an individual could misuse the drug is to snort it. It is risky to snort drugs because prolonged abuse from the nostrils could cause a collapse. The collapse may then require to be fixed by a medical professional.

How Long Will DMT Last?

The DMT effects will last for a relatively short period of time. In the case of how you consume it, you might be looking at a trip lasting a maximum duration of about 45 minutes. However, if you’re making the drug into tea or other herbal drink and you drink it, you’re on a trip for longer than 45 minutes.

“Consuming the tea may be a sign that you’re going on some sort of trip for several hours , not just only a few minutes.”

If you suspect that someone you love is abusing DMT It is important to know the signs of addiction so that you can find the help they need.

Now that you’ve got an understanding of ways to consume DMT, let’s dive into some of the long-term effects associated with DMT.

What are the side effects of DMT?

There are several adverse effects one could suffer from when taking the drug. A lot of people experience these side effects, no matter how they ingest the drug.

A Different of the Sense of Time

When it comes to negative effects of the drug among the initial side effects experienced by users is the loss or altered sense of time. This means that you could get up from a bad trip and think you were missing for days, however, it’s possible that you be in the state for a few minutes.

Also, you’ll feel an altered sensation of space. When you think of an altered sense of space this leads you to ask what is DMT hazardous? And the answer is yes.

In the event that you’ve entered into an altered state of mind it is difficult to see your surroundings in the way they are.

“Instead, where your window is, you might be imagining a swimming pool, and you decide to jump into it.”

Accidents, like accidental overdoses can lead to the majority of deaths related to drugs. If your high from DMT and you’re in a different state of mind which causes you to look at things in a different manner, it might cause an accident that you are unable to be able to recover from.

Experiments outside of the body

One of the main reasons why people say that DMT is like having a dying experience is due to the experience that you experience when you are out of body through. When you feel like you’re experiencing an out-of-body sensation, you may be watching something happen to yourself but not feeling like you’re there.

For example, when Scrooge is being guided through the various situations by ghosts from Christmas past The ghost of Christmas past can see him conversing with other people while he’s in his body. This is an example of an experience that is out of body experience.

It’s also the reason the hallucinogen has been described as ‘the spirit molecule’ or at least , that’s the name it’s given due to its effects like those listed below.

Visual and auditory hallucinations

Have you ever realized that you may start to notice things that you don’t see when you don’t get enough sleep? But in your mind you are aware that these illusions aren’t real? This is so dangerous it is one of the frequently reported DMT drug side effects is visual hallucinations.

The hallucinations that are portrayed will be so real and believable that it will be challenging to grasp that they’re actual.

“Because of how real these hallucinations can be, they can lead to an overwhelming or frightening experience for users during the trip.”

The user could start hearing sounds that aren’t there, as well vision hallucinations. It could be that they hear distorted voices or hearing sounds that aren’t there. Is DMT dangerous?

Take immediate medical care in the event that you exhibit any of the symptoms listed below.

Effects of physical DMT can be:

rapid heart rate
higher blood pressure
paradoxical sleep
chest pain or tightness
feeling dazed
pupils dilate
nausea or vomiting

DMT Tolerance

There currently isn’t any evidence that show that one’s body develops an addiction to the drug or the possibility of becoming addict to it. Some studies instead attempt to prove that people get addicted to experiencing the otherworldly trips that the drug takes people on.

“If users feel that the drug allows them to communicate with other creatures like spirits or aliens, or even God it is possible for them to try to use the drug as a method of sustaining the connections.”

Therefore, they’ve become addicted to the experience rather than the substance itself. If it’s not able to build the tolerance that’s been observed up to now, you might be wondering how safe is DMT legal? There’s no way to tell; as we’ve mentioned earlier that a substance that makes you see things differently can create life-threatening decisions that you cannot take back.

Here are some signs that you must be on the lookout for.

DMT Flashbacks

Another indication that someone is abusing the drug is flashbacks. Flashbacks can occur even while the user isn’t using the substance or in the middle of a trip. The user may also be having other reactions even though they’ve had none, like visual or auditory hallucinations.

How DMT Interacts with Other Substances

If you’re taking DMT don’t combine it with

LSD, aka acid

Combining other hallucinogens with other substances can make an already intense experience even more intense and cause increased fear and anxiety.

In combination with opioids, specifically tramadol, it can result in an increased risk of seizure.

When combined with antidepressants taking a high dose of DMT could result in serotonin syndrome, a condition that is known as.

Serotonin syndrome warning

Signs to be on the lookout for include:

muscle spasms
muscle rigidity
The shaking
overactive reflexes
dilated pupils

Serotonin syndrome is a life-threatening condition that needs immediate medical treatment.