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Reasons to call an emergency dentist in Reading

At some point or other at some point, we’ll be suffering from some kind of discomfort or pain in our mouths, whether it’s due to our tongue, teeth, or gums.

To prevent the issue from getting any more serious, it’s vital to see an experienced dental professional as quickly as you can to provide treatments or suggestions to address the dental issue at your home.

The good news is that an emergency dentist is able to see you on the shortest notice, which includes same-day or even outside of hours, based upon the severity of your issue.

What is considered an Dental Emergency?

It’s possible that you think the term “dental emergency” refers to a chipped tooth however, it’s generally a reference to situations where a dental issue is causing bleeding or pain, or if you’re at high risk of losing your teeth.

This means that you must make an appointment with a private emergency dentist If you observe:

The gums are swelling cheeks or the face (this is more of an emergency situation if the swelling is growing)
A damaged tooth is causing discomfort or pain to your cheeks, or tongue
Tooth loss due to trauma
Traumatic bleeding can cause bleeding.
The bleeding can occur after an extraction that lasts for more than 20 minutes
Pain that is excruciating (especially in cases where it’s making it difficult to sleeping or day-to-day activities)
Mouth ulcers that aren’t healing even after two weeks
Are you experiencing pain that gets more severe

When should I visit an emergency dentist?

There are occasions where an appointment with an urgent dentist doesn’t seem needed. In those instances it is possible to see your regular dentist on a regular basis without any urgency.

A few examples of non-urgent dental issues are:

A chipped or broken tooth
Sensitive teeth
Sensitive gums
Bleeding gums
A little pain when biting down
A toothache of a minor nature that occurs and goes.
Mouth ulcers that are visible for more than one week
The discomfort or pain that comes caused by dentures or orthodontics

We always recommend to consult your dentist when you experience any change in your pain, discomfort or symptoms or pain, it’s important to know the best time to call your dentist for an emergencies and accidents.

You should go to A&E or dial NHS 111 if you have:

Face swelling that can affect you breathing and vision, or the ability to swallow.
Traumas that can cause issues with vision, consciousness or vomiting
Insufficient bleeding from your mouth

Be aware that dental emergencies are not handled by your GP and we recommend not to call the emergency line unless we tell you otherwise. To be on the safer side, you might want to contact us to determine the best course of action the best for you.

How to get an emergency Dental Appointment

If you’re suffering from an emergency dental situation it is recommended to call us right away to make an appointment right away. We will also be able to advise you about the best plan of action and determine if it’s better to use prescription medications or go to A&E according to the circumstances.