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Save Big by Buying Glasses Online: How Online Retailers Offer Cheaper Prices

With everyone’s busy lives these days, the convenience of online shopping has become a popular way to buy things. Glasses and contact lenses are no exception. There are many benefits of ordering eyewear from online retailers versus traditional brick and mortar optometry offices or eyeglasses stores. Below are some of the top reasons to consider buying your next pair of glasses or contacts from an online retailer:

Price Savings
One of the biggest advantages of online glasses retailers is that they tend to offer lower prices compared to in-person stores. Online retailers have less overhead since they don’t have the costs associated with maintaining a physical retail location. These cost savings allow online sellers to offer discounted pricing. You can often save anywhere from 20-50% on glasses and contacts purchased online compared to in an optical shop.

Wider Selection
When you shop for eyewear online, you have access to literally thousands of different styles and designs. Online glasses sellers are not limited by physical shelf space. They can offer a huge range of brands, styles, colors, and sizes that you may not find at your local glasses store. This makes it easy to find a pair of eyeglasses or contacts that fit your preferences perfectly.

Try At Home Options
One great perk many online glasses retailers offer is the ability to try frames at home before you buy. You can order multiple pairs, test them on in the comfort of your own space, and then return what you don’t want for free. This makes it easy to find frames that fit and suit your face shape properly. Trying glasses on virtually is now possible too with some retailers that use augmented reality technology.

Prescription Management
Managing your eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions is simplified with online ordering. Your prescription information is stored in your customer account with the retailer. When it’s time to order a new pair of glasses or restock contacts, you can easily access your prescription online without having to request records from your eye doctor. Some online sellers even allow you to renew your eyeglass prescription online.

Shopping for vision products online is simply more convenient than going to a traditional eyeglasses store. You can browse inventory and make purchases any time of day from the comfort of home. Glasses and contacts are delivered right to your door. No more taking time out of your busy schedule to drive to the optical shop and browse in person. The convenience factor makes online vision product sellers popular for those with demanding work, family, and personal lives.

For those with limited mobility or lack of transportation, shopping online for eyewear is also more accessible. If you are homebound, have a disability that makes travel difficult, or live in a rural area far from eyewear stores, ordering glasses or contacts online makes the process much easier. There are fewer barriers when shopping from your laptop or phone.

Customer Reviews
When buying something as important as eyewear, you want to hear what other real customers have to say. Online glasses sellers have customer reviews readily available when browsing inventory. You can read feedback on frame quality, fit, style, lens options, and overall buying experience. This helps inform your purchasing decision and expectations when ordering online.

Return Policies
A good return policy is essential when buying something like eyeglasses online. You want to make sure you can return and exchange frames easily if the fit isn’t right. Most reputable online glasses and contacts retailers have generous return windows and free shipping on exchanges. Make sure to understand the return policy before placing an order.

Product Variety
Online glasses retailers tend to offer many more varieties and brands than a traditional eyeglasses store. You’ll find options from well-known designer brands along with quality generic frames. Lens types, coatings, and tinting options are varied too. For contacts, you can shop multiple brands and materials like soft disposable lenses, toric, or gas permeable. Having many choices makes it easier to get the vision products you want.

Discounts and Sales
Online eyewear sellers frequently offer special discounts and sales on their products. Browse their Facebook page, signup for email newsletters, or watch for seasonal promotions to save big on your eyeglasses or contact lens order. Coupon codes for free shipping or percentage discounts are common too. Online retailers offer savings opportunities not always available when purchasing eyewear in person.

In summary, from price and selection to convenience and accessibility, there are many convincing reasons to buy your next pair of glasses or contacts from an online retailer. Make sure to do some research to find a seller with a good reputation and quality products. Once you take advantage of the benefits of ordering eyewear online, you may never want to go back to buying glasses in a traditional brick and mortar store again.