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Treating Sickness and Conditions with Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver has been utilized to treat ailments for many thousands of years across the globe. It has been employed to keep liquids like milk, wine and water clean to prevent the spread of the disease, preventing infections as well as disinfecting food items and eating tools. Although not as well-known as a cure-all used to be but silver is still used to treat or cure many diseases. It is also used to treat a variety of ailments. Silver is “made by colloids of silver Ionic silver, silver, and other proteins. Colloidal is the name used to describe silver particles that don’t dissolve, they remain suspended in liquid.” Based on the condition it is applied to cure, colloidal silver may apply topically or in oral through injections, or directly sprayed into your nose. Below are some advantages and applications of colloidal silver that you can enjoy as well as your loved ones.

Treatment of Sickness and Other Conditions

Colloidal silver is antibacterial an antimicrobial and antiviral, which means it is able to combat common bacteria and viruses that cause pink eye, sinus infections and pneumonia, ear infections, shingles, as well as a myriad of other diseases. The best part about colloid silver is the fact that it does not cause any resistance to bacteria as antibiotics do be, which means that bacteria are always responsive against this antibiotic that is natural. The use of colloidal silver is able to help to prevent and treat infections when applied correctly. Always consult your physician prior to taking silver, and make sure that you are taking the right dosage and dosage.

Skin Care

Did you know that colloidal silver was used to treat wounds during WWI? It’s useful when applied topically on scrapes, cuts and rashes since “colloidal silver promotes healing in the skin and in other soft tissue.” It speeds up the healing and speed of recovery by decreasing swelling and increasing cell growth. Not only does it accelerate healing, but it also doesn’t cause irritation or burning when applied to a cut. It’s not only good for injuries, colloidal silver is also utilized to treat skin issues like eczema or psoriasis. Also, it can be employed to fight the ringworm!


Many people are aware that not all human medications are suitable for our pets, and it is important to consult your veterinarian prior to using any medication for your pet. However, if you do not want to invest the time and extra money to take your pet for a medical check-up and receiving antibiotics that may not work every time, you can try using colloidal silver. If you suspect that your pet is suffering from is suffering from a cold, ringworm burn or cut or an ear infection or irritation around their eyes try colloidal silver. Since it’s not a source of heat it is able to be sprayed directly to the wound of your pet or ear, if there is an ear infection, or directly in their eye when they suffer from an eye inflammation. It’s a fantastic alternative to antibiotics that build resistance.


Although using colloidal silver can provide numerous benefits, “studies have found that colloidal silver could be absorbed into the body’s tissues therefore it is essential to be cautious and stay clear of long-term use of colloidal silver because it could increase the danger of developing skin disorder known as argyria. Argyria causes the nails, skin and gums to show an eerie gray-black to blueish-gray-blue coloration that is permanent.” Make sure you talk to your doctor prior to taking colloidal silver, and then examine it on a tiny area of skin prior to applying it to the skin.

Choosing Your Colloidal Silver

Although colloidal silver is beneficial and can be used for many purposes but not all silver is to be the same. It’s crucial to know what you’re searching for when you purchase silver to use around your body. Ionic silver is made up by silver ions. It is not recommended to employ ionic silver because it’s a less expensive product to manufacture and will not the same benefit as other colloidal silver. Silver protein is another option which is a product that contains gelatin for the purpose of keeping the larger particles of silver suspended. It is a different type of silver that you should to avoid due to large silver particles. The bigger the particles smaller, the less in your body and less effective they’ll be. Look for colloidal silver with not more than 10 parts for every million. This signifies that it is smaller and dense, but not so dense that they cause greater risk of toxicities. You should look for products that truly colloidal silver that is listed as nearly 100 100% pure silver. They should not have additional additives or proteins.

If you have a scrape, or you are struggling with an illness, you can try colloidal silver as a healthy option to anti-biotics.