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Two main Peloton Bike Generations: Bike and Bike+

Following the covid-19 epidemic people are reassessing their goals for fitness and health goals. A few may think about investing in a smartwatch that can keep track of their fitness levels, and others might consider purchasing fitness equipment to start on a new exercise program at home. Are you considering buying an old Peloton bike for this year?

Peloton is famous for bringing the community and excitement of a gym in within the privacy of own home. Most famously for the Peloton bike and training videos. Peloton is also releasing treadmills.

Two major Peloton Bike variants: Bike and Bike+.

Focusing on fitness bikes Peloton offers currently, there are two available Peleton generations: the first Peloton Bike and the Peloton Bike +.

Original Peloton Bike comes with a 22-inch touchscreen HD display as well as a 2×10-watt sound system as well as speakers in the rear. The price list for the bike is $2245 however, it’s available for sale at $1,895 at Peloton’s site.

The latest Peloton Bike + comes with an impressive 24-inch HD touchscreen that turns 360 degrees, four-channel audio, 2×3 watts of tweeters, 2×10 watt woofers. It also has speakers that are rear and front-facing with auto-follow resistance and Apple GymKit integration.

The bike is priced at $2,495 on the Peloton website.

The costs of these two bikes don’t include tax, shipping and the monthly membership fee that can range from $49 or $69 per month depending on the bike you pick. The bike also comes with a 12-month warranty with the option of extending it.

Peloton Bike and its service and membership costs are a quick way to rack up costs.

Although Peloton claims to offer an intense and challenging workout in an affordable, accessible, and effective manner but the average person may not agree with their pricing cost.

It’s not everyone’s budget to shell out more than $2,000 on a brand new piece of equipment which is why buying a used Peloton could be an alternative for those who are looking for a brand name machine at a lower cost.

A monthly membership cost of $40/month gets you access to all classes, and much more. The best part is that, if your entire family members use Peloton the same membership will cover all of them!

The purchase of used fitness equipment could help you save money in the long run, however it’s important to be aware and do your homework. To make sure you are getting the best value for your money take these steps when purchasing a secondhand Peloton bicycle.

What to look out for when purchasing a secondhand Peloton bike:

Always examine the item for damage or wear when purchasing second-hand products. If you are looking at a used Peloton check for indications of damage.

You should ask yourself Do you notice any cracks? Do you spot any rusty areas on the bike? Is the bike durable or do you see any other issues? If you are looking to spot any signs will tell you how secure the bike is.

More than just photos

Sometimes, pictures don’t give enough details about the condition of the bike.

If you do get to see your exercise machine in person be sure to thoroughly examine it. Check for any marks or bends, and then verify for the health of the bicycle’s tires.

Also, switch on the monitor to check what happens Do you have any issues with the display?

Be cautious when working with the screen. Screens are the most expensive part to replace or repair. This alone could cost you hundred dollars.

Do not be afraid to inquire with the seller if you could test the bike!

You need to ensure that you’re comfortable. Turn the pedals, and pay attention to the sound they make.

If you purchase a used Peloton bike, it is also advisable to ask about any recalls of parts or repairs are required for the bike or that it has.

Also, make sure to find out how much components cost and what it would cost to repair the exercise bike in case of any problems.

The bearings of the flywheel are usually required to be replaced and this can cost about $100.

Peloton also suggests changing the bike’s pedals every year for proper maintenance. Amazon offers a variety of affordable alternatives.

If the parts are affordable priced, then you might be interested in the Peloton! If the components of the bike aren’t within your budget it may be best to stay clear of the bike.

The Peloton 3 Generation Display Screens

If you are considering buying an old Peloton check if you can determine the age of the bike and what version of the display screen.

Three generations are available of Peloton display screens. A screen that is older should bring the bike’s cost down.

The latest screens are smaller and come with a more powerful processor, higher quality speakers, greater RAM and screencasting capabilities. However, a screen from the first generation is still functional as long as there is no damage to the screen.

Find out about the Peloton motorcycle’s display’s generation

Check for Look for FCC Model number, or ID. If it says “xxxxx-QUARTZ” or “001,” that’s the first generation.
If it reads “RB1V1,” that’s the second generation “RB1VQ” is the third generation.

What is the warranty on used Peloton equipment?

The most important thing to consider when deciding whether to buy a second-hand Peloton includes the warranties.

A Peloton warranty on a bike is not transferrable regardless of whether there’s remaining time on it.

The same applies to extended warranties. Peloton is only able to accept claims for warranty made by the original purchaser. There is no option to buy an additional warranty.

The biggest drawback of purchasing a secondhand Peloton.

This is why it is vital to check the bike you purchase is in good shape and doesn’t require repairs.

A seller, however, is able to transfer their prepaid membership credits to a different buyer.

Peloton does permit the sellers to give any membership credits to buyers.

To transfer these credits, you must email Peloton Support ([email protected]) with both the seller’s and buyer’s rider names and email addresses.

Where can you buy a used Peloton bike

Online marketplaces for local businesses:

Websites such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, Recycler, OfferUp, Nextdoor, and other local message boards and groups are the best option to find a secondhand Peloton bike, particularly in your region.

If you are looking to purchase a secondhand Peloton close to home will reduce the cost which makes it simpler and easier to get it.

Estate and garage sales:

In general, you can discover fitness equipment used available at garage sales or estate sales.

However, with the advent of the local marketplace, it is your best option.

Looking for a secondhand Peloton could be similar to finding a needle the field. But, a look at local garage sales and estate sales will never hurt. You never know, you might get lucky!


Online marketplaces that are national like eBay may also offer the option of purchasing second-hand Peloton bikes. Be sure to be cautious. When you search through eBay for Peloton however, other fitness bike brands could show up during your search.

A relative, a friend or someone whom you have met who is real: If have someone who is planning to sell a used Peloton and you are interested, this is your best chance to make an extremely secure and reliable transaction. Additionally, your closest family members or friends will be able to provide you with an outstanding price!

No matter where you choose to purchase your second-hand Peloton Be cautious.

To ensure that you are safe from fraud or scams, of fraud, you must always verify whether the seller has been confirmed. Avoid taking a chance in the event that the deal doesn’t appear or feel like it is to you. Seek out the perfect opportunity.

Peloton plans to sell used Bikes on its website beginning this year. Be on the lookout for any deals that are available on their website.

What questions should you ask the vendor prior purchasing a used Peloton

Are you the original owner?

If the bike has had many owners before it, it’s likely changed hands a lot. It could also mean that there’s more wear and tear to the bike, particularly in the event that it wasn’t handled properly.

What year and month was the bike purchased?

This will provide you with an idea of the age your bike might be. Do you have a receipt from the sale for the purchase?

What kind of screen will the bike sport?

If the bike is equipped with an older model screen, this could make the price substantially smaller.

How many miles have you completed on your bike?

This will provide you with an idea of the condition and use. Even if the bike appears like it’s brand new doesn’t mean that all the internal parts look identical.

Do you think there is something wrong on the bike? Does it make odd sounds?

It could require repair work when it’s making unusual noises. It could be a difficult task. Make sure you check if the WiFi works well with your bicycle.

Is the bicycle equipped with accessories?

Peloton produces a variety of accessories for bikes including mats, shoes weights as well as headphones, HR monitors and many more.

In the event that the vendor is prepared to incorporate them to the sale, it may increase the price but you may be able to get the most for your money!

Is the bicycle equipped with any pre-paid subscriptions remaining?

The previous owners has some of their membership left on their bicycle this could be the reason why the seller is offering the exercise bike available for sale at a more expensive cost.

What is the reason you are trying to sell the motorcycle?

This is an important inquiry that you must ask the vendor. They might be selling for a reason, perhaps they realized that the bike isn’t the right one for them, or perhaps they prefer the Peloton app to do different workouts. This question could provide many insights.

Are we able to negotiate the price?

It’s never hurt to ask to bargain! Some sellers would like the bike removed as fast as they can and may even be willing to sacrifice their price. If they have a lot of individuals who are interested in their Peloton the bike, they might not be as willing to bargain.

In the final phase, the company plans to launch the sale of used Peloton machines on their website.

How do I activate a used Peloton bike

You’ve just purchased an old Peloton bike! What now?

After you’ve set the exercise bike in your workout space at home It’s time to turn on your Peloton bike.

You’ll require the original or previous owner’s email address which was used to register the motorcycle with Peloton.

After this, go to the Peloton website and click Peloton Chat and their customer service representatives will be able to transfer ownership to you!

The second thing you must do is ensure that the bike is level after you’ve transferred it to your workout space.

To accomplish this it is necessary to have three stabilizers under each base. It is crucial that all stabilizers are positioned in the exact length, and that the topmost stabilizers are in contact with the floor in order to prevent the bike from moving.

Although Peloton actually discourages people from purchasing their bikes second-hand however, there are numerous benefits buying a secondhand Peloton. The price is not the only benefit when purchasing a secondhand Peloton bike.

There are other options , too. You might want to think about Apple Fitness+ if you already own the Apple Watch and pick up an exercise bike that is affordable.

Although you might not have warranty options, it shouldn’t be a reason to avoid purchasing a second-hand Peloton.

Peloton bikes are built well and are quality exercise bikes. If you take your time and proceed cautiously, purchasing an older Peloton is a good option!