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Ethically Sourced Kopi Luwak: What You Need to Know

One of the priciest coffees in the world is Kopi Luwak, commonly called civet coffee. It is prepared from coffee beans that Asian palm civets, a species of feline-like mammal, have consumed and partially digested. The coffee cherries are consumed by the civets, but the beans cannot be broken down by them. The coffee is made by extracting the beans from the civet’s droppings.

The flavour, aroma, and smooth, richness of kopi luwak are well-known. Due to the fact that it is only occasionally produced in Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia, it is also an extremely rare coffee.

Kopi Luwak Sourcing Ethics

Concerns concerning the moral sourcing of Kopi Luwak have risen in recent years. To increase the production of the lucrative coffee beans, certain civets are caged and force-fed coffee cherries. It’s crucial to stay away from Kopi Luwak that has been created using this harsh and barbaric method because it’s against the law.

Kopi Luwak that has been ethically sourced is made from coffee beans that have been taken from wild civets. The civets are allowed to freely wander their natural habitat and are not caged or force-fed.

How to Pick Kopi Luwak From Ethical Sources

It’s critical to choose a Kopi Luwak provider who is dedicated to ethical sourcing. You can take a few steps to make sure the Kopi Luwak you are purchasing comes from an ethical source:

A reputable source is what you should be looking for. Request recommendations from friends or family who have previously purchased Kopi Luwak.

Ask the vendor where their Kopi Luwak comes from. Make sure the civets are not forced fed or housed in cages.

A respectable organisation, such as the Rainforest Alliance or the Fairtrade Foundation, should certify Kopi Luwak.

Benefits of Kopi Luwak Sourced Ethically

Choosing ethically sourced Kopi Luwak has several advantages. Here are a few advantages:

You can be certain that the Kopi Luwak you purchase was made in a responsible and ethical manner.

You may aid in the preservation of wild civets and the small-scale coffee producers’ way of life.

You can take pleasure in a tasty and distinctive coffee that is renowned for its rich, smooth flavour and complex aroma.

Making Kopi Luwak from Ethically Sourced Beans

What you’ll need to prepare Kopi Luwak with sustainably sourced beans is:

Kopi Luwak beans that were ethically sourced

a coffee mill

an espresso maker

a mug for coffee


The Kopi Luwak beans should be ground to a medium-coarse consistency.

Coffee maker with ground coffee added.

Use your coffee maker’s instructions to brew the coffee.

Enjoy the coffee after pouring it into a cup.


Delicious and distinctive, kopi luwak is renowned for its smooth, rich flavour, and complex scent. To make sure that the civets are not housed in cages or force-fed, it is crucial to select Kopi Luwak from ethical sources.

When selecting a Kopi Luwak vendor, search for one with a solid reputation and who can explain where their Kopi Luwak is sourced. Additionally, search for Kopi Luwak that has received certification from a credible agency, such the Rainforest Alliance or the Fairtrade Foundation.

You can savour a delicious cup of coffee while also promoting sustainable and humane practises by selecting Kopi Luwak that has been ethically sourced.