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Reasons To Go For Afternoon Tea

If you think of “afternoon tea” you might imagine an afternoon tea with frilly hats, but more than enjoyable. But, I’m here to tell that it’s an absolute delight. When I was in London in the year 2019 I had the opportunity to visit numerous teahouses, and eat tea cake, sandwiches and even petit fours.

If you’re looking to take a trip out for afternoon tea but it doesn’t need to involve dressing up or leaving the house. You can choose to enjoy drinking your Earl Grey from your couch or are looking to look glam read on to find out why I’m in favour having the afternoon tea break and some suggestions to help start your journey.

The Benefits

All cultures around the globe have breaks scheduled to their evenings. For instance, England offers tea in the afternoon, Spain takes a siesta and Italy also has Riposos. Afternoon napping isn’t exactly identical; they not only do they disturb your sleep patterns According to Sleep Foundation, but choosing to have afternoon tea Berkshire gives you a breather and allows you to socialize. It’s a great way to get two-for-one!

It’s not just that working for more than 39 hours in a week exhaust you physically however, it could also negatively impact your mental health as per Social Science & Medicine. However, in the last few decades we’ve celebrated fatigue and overwork, and wore it as a badge of respect. I’ve been there!

The recent surge of people participating with The Great Resignation (leaving their jobs to pursue greater flexibility and joy) is a sign that we’re beginning to realize that feeling tired isn’t healthy or fulfilling. By the time the it gets to afternoon we’re in need of a break.

You could think “I already am taking an hour of rest! What do you think of Happy Hour?” I am a sucker for an enjoyable happy hour and, however, from mothers who are expecting to those who are trying to extend the duration of their Dry January resolutions or extending their Dry January resolutions, you and your friends may be searching for a different alternative to spend your time.

In addition to the benefit of making tea at home instead of drinking at a bar can help you save money and time, there are quite a several health benefits of staying sober. You’ll be able to cut down on calories and improve your skin and get better rest.

Pumpkin Chai Latte

There’s no need to have your tea as a whole. The combination of cinnamon, pumpkin and foamed milk elevate this beverage to a new level. It’s not only delicious and spicy, it’s also an indulgence which doesn’t contain the same amount of caffeine as espresso. It takes less than 10 minutes to prepare.

Tea Sandwiches

Sandwiches with the combination of herbed and watercress or blueberry and lemon as well as ham with mustard can be a great way to complement your tea and help keep the hunger at bay, without leaving you feeling stuffed. You’re probably already have plenty of the ingredients these recipes require at home!

Color Blocked Petit Fours

For the perfect finishing finish to your meal it is essential to have some sweets to accompany your tea! Petit Four literally translates to “small oven” as well as the fact the cakes are small makes them even more adorable. Cake, icing and sprinkles are set to make your tea much more vibrant.


Tea Nook

You might already have an espresso bar or bar cart that you have in the kitchen and you’ll be happy to learn you can have a teanook that can be an exact replica of the bar cart! Find tea spoons, tea bags and a glass of milk to begin and, once you’ve decided what you prefer mixing into your mug, you can mix it up and add to the mix.

DIY Teapot

If you’re looking for something other than a plain teapot, take a plain pot and start making something! Washi tape, markers, as well as Mod Podge or tissue papers can be a fantastic method to create a unique of a kind cup that everybody will appreciate. It’s also the perfect gift for a Galentine’s day 😉

Victorian London Fog

This black tea contains the flavors of citrus, vanilla and lavender to create an elegant flavor that’s similar to London. Because it’s a black tea, sugar and milk are just as delicious as honey when added to. It also offers a sharp, strong taste that’s perfect with those Blueberry Lemon Tea Sandwiches.

Laetitia Rouget Love Mug

If you’re drinking a great drink, getting a stylish cup is as essential than the cup itself! These cute mugs come with “I love you” written in several languages, and a heart. This makes them the perfect pairing to enjoy a cup of tea during Valentine’s Day… or any other day of the year, if you’re lucky.