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The Joys Of Birthday Cards

Cards for greeting cards are essential to maintaining our connections. Here are 7 reasons to why giving birthday cards is crucial for our modern lives that are digitally driven.

Why are we giving cards when it’s so quick and simple to text message? There’s nothing wrong with using technology to wish an individual a happy birthday however you can do more with greeting cards other than the tradition. Here’s why you might consider sending a physical birthday card to someone special this year.

1. A precious keepsake

Particularly when it comes to milestone birthdays, sending a fancy card is a common way to commemorate the occasion. But these cards can be beautiful keepsakes, too. Much like photographs, cards can be cherished to keep us in mind of important days, but they can also hold beautiful messages written by our family and friends.

Since my Grandad died, birthday cards that I’ve saved throughout the years, filled with sentimental messages written in his incomprehensible handwriting, have now acquired more sentimental significance to me. The distinctive, vibrant scrawl is the one I have as my Grandad writing on paper. These cards have become treasured possessions, because it is possible to hear him speak when I read his words and they bring me back to the joy my grandparents would have around my birthday when I was a child. Cards can be thrown away, but some carry vivid memories from different stages in our lives. Personalised cards from loved ones will be those pieces you’re thankful for in decades to come.

2. A card is a tangible display of affection

Receiving cards and being physically in a room full of them makes one feel loved. There’s lots of excitement in discussing the cards, the various designs, the people they’re from and also the ritual of decorating a room of cards makes one feel unique.

It is easy to forget the pleasure that a gift card can bring to someone and the significance of displaying that tangible love from your family and friends. The act of giving cards is simple and quick gesture that helps the recipient feel loved and appreciated. A card is a prominent reminder.

3. Stay connected over long distances

A greeting card is a simple and efficient way to stay connected with friends and family across the globe. It’s not always possible but a thoughtfully designed card with an array of colorful stamps could mean just as much to the person receiving it. Similar to holiday cards one that’s traveled distances and takes days or weeks to arrive could feel unique and exciting to be received. It’s a small but thoughtful gesture that will be valued as much as any extravagant present.

4. An easy way to support small-sized business

This is a slightly different reason the reasons to consider purchasing funny birthday cards, but trust me, because it’s still an excellent excuse to give a birthday greeting card particularly if you are a fan of small businesses!

Swerving the supermarket selection and purchasing some greeting cards from independent designers will have a major impact. By shopping small, you’re giving back to an individual or small group of people who’re passionate about their merchandise and extremely grateful for the purchase. Spending a few dollars on beautiful cards is a great method of doing that.

5. Card-based greeting cards foster human connections

In this technologically driven society, it’s quite tempting to send “Happy Birthday” texts or emails, and then think that’s just as good to send a tangible birthday card. And while that is a quick and easy way to express your feelings, it devalues the purpose and sentiment of birthday cards.

We send texts and emails every day to everyone and anyone. A birthday message isn’t much different to an ordinary text message – it’s a normal, everyday habit. Sending and receiving personal correspondence and cards is less popular and, because of their rareness, receiving a card may feel very special.

Giving a birthday card is always more personal than a digital version. It’s more real and strengthens human relationships, especially when it’s not feasible to meet in person with family members and friends. Keeping in touch with loved ones is crucial and a birthday card can be a thoughtful way to nurture your relationship. Sending a text message can appear to be boring when compared to.

6. Receiving cards through the post is exciting.

No matter how old you are, the joy in receiving your birthday card creates some kind of excitement. Being able to recognize the handwriting or post mark is all part of the excitement and just like the cards that are delivered by hand, opening them will always be an enjoyable past time prior for your big day.

Receiving birthday cards delivered to your mailbox and then opening colorful envelopes is awe-inspiringly satisfying. Maybe because you know it’s definitely not something you can pay for, but as with the thrill of ‘Deal or No Deal’ there’s a sense of excitement and delight in finding out who the card is from. A good blog post from your favorite people is among life’s most enjoyable pleasures!

7. Fun in finding the right card

Choosing a card for someone’s birthday can be a fun task in and of itself. Like finding a thoughtful gift choosing the perfect card is a lovely means of showing how much they are to you, what you think of them , and how you feel about your relationship.

It’s an excellent occasion to reflect on the humour you share, experiences or interests. A tangible card shows you’ve taken the time and effort to celebrate your loved ones. A card that reflects them, feels incredibly unique and also shows how much you know them. Every once in awhile an item will leap at you and you’ll immediately remember a certain person in your life – the perfect card you know they’ll love. It’s a great feeling to be gifted something this thoughtful! ?

Cards keep us connected as they nurture friendships and make celebrations of birthdays. When we can’t physically be in touch with loved ones,, a greeting card can bring great happiness and comfort. It’s really easy to text a message , but nothing can compare to a beautiful handwritten notecard that you’ve crafted just for them. Small gestures that always leave them feeling loved and remembered – something a routine message can’t really do.