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There’s a new dish in town: souffle pancakes

From the French word “souffler” that means “to blow,” “to breathe” or “to puff,” souffle has become a global trend and is still gaining popularity–particularly Japan’s souffle pancakes.

This egg-based dish is famous by its puffy appearance which is believed to be due to egg whites that have been beaten to form a soft peak. It is typically served by bechamel, cream sauce (white sauce made from flour, butter and milk) or crème patissiere (custard) or a puree (usually made with fruit).

Souffle, in addition to being a dessert can also be a savory option with variations such as potato souffle or crab souffle. Souffle is a great way to incorporate vegetables, cheese, herbs and can also include a range of pork or poultry to seafood and even fish.

The origins of souffle can be traced back to Hawaii around 1974 when Jan as well as Jerry Fukunaga established their diner Eggs N’ Things (which has since expanded into Tokyo by the year 2010 as well and began the Japanese preference for American-style pancakes) The souffle pancakes were a hit for awhile before they became among the top-rated desserts in the world today.

Flipper’s, a Japanese souffle pancake café which has taken across New York City. Fuwa Fuwa Cafe (whose name comes by the Japanese word meaning fluffy) has also landed in London, Toronto, and other cities across the US. A brunch eatery that is open all day located in Los Angeles, Souffle’s, makes pancakes that might not be like the other ones however, they compensate the difference in height with their delicious texture.

The Philippines, Japanese chains Gram Cafe, Motto Motto, and Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory as along with Hong Kong’s AM pm Taipei’s Puffy’s and our our very own Pancake House brought their own variants of these pancakes to local markets.

Souffle pancakes are a far cry from the typical flat pancakes that we typically create. The shape and the versatility (in regards to being able to mix with other ingredients to enhance the flavor) is what makes this new food trend an Instagram success. Many people line up to taste (and maybe even to snap photos) of this 2-inch-high Japanese pancake.

The buzz surrounding the new variation of the breakfast staple doesn’t appear to be fading away in spite of it receiving attention for a long time already. There’s not even a hint of it slipping because social media is causing the masses to become interested in souffle pancakes. Its popularity as the latest food trend is only just beginning.