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Unique engagement rings are romantic

With the abundance of manufactured engagement rings that are available there’s nothing more memorable than giving someone rings that aren’t observed or even seen on any other person’s fingers. Custom-made engagement rings are more important than the pre-made ones because they give you the chance to personalize your appearance.

The process of selecting the right components and creating your wedding ring from scratch will allow you to add greater thought in one of the most significant events of your life: the request of your loved one to spend the rest of their lives with you.

There are numerous reasons more and more people choose to purchase bespoke engagement rings in London rather than one that is pre-made and the majority of them can be traced to the emotional and symbolic importance of a unique ring.

Our experts on engagement rings have come up with the most compelling reasons why personalized and distinctive engagement rings are the best option.

You’ll know where the supplies originate from.

An engagement ring is composed of precious metals and gemstones that do not only require a substantial expense on your part, but also have advanced a lot.

Being aware of where every diamond was extracted, and whether it was ethically done and the possibility to select diamonds with GIA certification GIA certified is among advantages of being part of the process and having a influence on your custom engagement ring.

Nothing can diminish the importance of a ring for engagement more than discovering that the metal or stone was purchased in a fraudulent manner and at the cost of someone else.

Unique engagement rings are romantic

The relationships of no two people are alike, and we can’t understand why two rings for engagement should be the same.

There’s no better way to show the specialness of your bond than by giving it an original engagement ring. It signifies your appreciation of the uniqueness that the individual you cherish and the special nature of the relationship you have. There’s nothing more uplifting, or romantic more romantic than this.

The option to select every aspect in the ring from setting to the gemstone, allows you to customize it to exactly the way you’d like, resulting in the perfect piece of jewellery ideal for your loved one.

Make inherited jewellery an engagement ring made to order

A heirloom piece of jewellery has a tendency to be sentimental to its owner, but it may not look or feel exactly.

The process of transforming an old piece jewelry to alter its appearance but not in a significant way it allows you to select and keep the features that you appreciate the most while making it better fit its new function.

If this sounds like a daunting task you don’t have anything to worry about. Custom-made diamond jewelry is our specialty, and we do it with aplomb. We have a group of experienced jewellers who can guide you with the process and ensure that the ring you give to your partner will be exactly what they want. Should you need to ask any concerns we can help you. Contact us for more information.