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Why Read Men’s Style Magazines

It was announced on the 21st of May that M is a soon-to-relaunched men’s fashion magazine aimed at guys in their 30s and 40s is in the process of being developed. However, before we transition to M is likely to be a good moment as any to check out how M compares to today’s men’s fashion magazines.

Today, Fairchild Fashion Media announced that they’re coming back with M Magazine, which in the 1980s was called M: The Civilized Man. “It is going to be a huge gorgeous magazine that has an average circulation of 100,000,” Fairchild Editorial Director Peter W. Kaplan told the New York Post’s Keith Kelly. “It is targeted at men who are in their 30s and 40s who are savvy on the Web but still want to keep the printed version.”

It’s an interesting idea. It’s a good idea of it: a magazine that is focused on fashion specifically for men, targeted at those of a certain age who might have a fond memory of M back in the glory days, or younger men who are looking to get magazines printed on paper. It’s also sensible considering that there’s a shortage of American high-end men’s magazines for men.

This is a brave move. A mens style mag such as Details and GQ under the Conde Nast umbrella (which includes Fairchild) could be viewed as rivals. Perhaps more troubling to the announcement of the glossy men’s fashion magazine that is targeted towards men in their 40s could be that the digital readers of these two magazines are actually more mature than their paper readers. As per the press kits the median ages of Details’ and GQ’s online readership is 40.8 as well as 38, in comparison to the average years of the print readers: 33.2 and 34 .

“The other magazines are actually large-scale circulation,” Kaplan said. “We’re looking for men whose primary focus is about fashion, who look at things through the prism of fashion.”

I’m essentially one year ahead of Kaplan’s target population. But, before entering the world of M I think it’s a the best time to review what we’ve learned, what we didn’t and also how M stands up to the male-focused magazines.

Who Says Reads It A man of 32 is earning approximately $72,000 annually (Household income).
When I read it I was a sluggish 14-year-old, I read it until 19 years old.
What You’ll Learn From The article: You could be a heterosexual hormonal male who’s too young to get a Playboy or smart enough to shut down the clutter of your Web browser. The dude-bro magazine for dude-bros who love fart jokes and the sexy women, largely changed the minds of many young men by showing them how to rate the hotness of women within the magazine’s “Hot 100” as well as the many variations in “scoring” and, most famously, “How to Cure a Feminist.”


Who Reads What They Say The average income for a 44-year-old is $60,000 annually ($87,000 HHI)
As I Look It Up: 20 to present
What You can Learn from The book Learn how to mix a drink, and “eat like an adult” and who the most sexiest woman alive is, or how to dress to look like an alpha Male.

Men’s Health

Who they say reads it The 37-year-olds that earn $50,000 ($79,629 HHI)
When I read it I read it once or twice in my teens, and a few instances in my 20s when I was convinced I would be able to achieve the Six-Pack Abs!
What You Can Learn from The book: You may be a hormone-positive homosexual male who’s not old enough to purchase Playgirl skilled enough to unblock your browser. Okay, okay, this was, umm, my friend, who told me about the first time he purchased Men’s Health.

You could also be one of those men who can keep track of the percentage of body fat in his hand (or are dreaming of doing it) or someone who wants to eat This, Not That, and those who are never bored of studying all about Six Pack Abs! Perhaps you’re interested in knowing which kind of underwear for men most suits their preferences.


Who Says What They Read The 33-year-olds earning $89,076 (HHI)
When I read it I thought: Uh, Adam Levine is the latest issue’s cover boy, which is odd since he appeared on the cover of the publication a few months ago, telling me how to be ripped through …ummm. Oh.
What You Can Learn From This article: You’re likely to be homosexual. In the 1990s, Details got into some problems due to it’s “Gay and/or …” back page ” feature that implied that everyone was gay in general. It’s been GQ’s gayer brother with its articles that emphasized the most sexiest male muscles, which caused body dymosphia, which changed the way that men perceived themselves. Additionally “Ass is the new abs” in addition to “Anal Sexuality is the new Deal-breaker.”


Who they say reads it A 34-year-old who earns $77,643 (HHI)
After I read it: do
What You Can Learn From The Book: Paul Newman is basically god. The fact that Roger Sterling knows how to look good in an elegant gray suit and that dressing like James Dean will always be elegant, but it’s not as fashionable that Paul Newman. The fact that dressing well is expensive. There are also reports on politics (and they’re fantastic especially if you’re interested in this kind of thing)