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Why use an electric folding wheelchair?

The folding electric wheelchair play played a major role in not only improving the mobility of wheelchair users, but also increasing their options in regards to mobility and overall mobility.

Chronic disease and old age can alter upper limb strength and the ability to utilize self-propelling wheelchairs. This could affect the independence of a person and self-esteem, since it can cause dependency on caregivers that can lead to social insularity.

The ability to visit family members or friends, or participate in an activity at a schedule that is convenient for them can be a challenge and could also significantly limit accessibility to activities of daily life like holidays and other events that many non-wheelchair users love and anticipate as normal.

Folding electric wheelchairs have all the advantages of conventional electric wheelchairs. They allow users to travel farther in their own way, while preserving enough energy to enjoy and finish whatever task they would like to engage in, such as shopping, or interacting with friends once they arrive at their destination.

One of the drawbacks of the electric chair or even it is the size and the subsequent requirement for adapting to cars and homes.

The benefits of an electric folding wheelchair


These chairs fold and stored in the back of many automobiles, or even inside your home. They are much smaller than standard powered chairs.

It is not necessary to maintain an outbuilding, or buy an extra storage space.


Easy to tear apart and then fold away

Lightweight, easy to fit into and take out of the vehicle

The battery is long-lasting and reliable. Invacare Mirage folding electric wheelchair offers just 4 kilometers less range per charge than its closest non-foldable equivalent, the Invacare Dragon

A wider range of options are available for travel due to its size of the bag when folded. It is able to be carried in vehicles that are not adapted and takes less room within hotel suites, airplane holds, or ship cabins for instance.
Car adaptations

There are no expensive vehicles or modifications such as hoists or ramps are needed since the folding electric wheelchair can be rolled into the majority of vehicles.

Carer impact

For those who are wheelchair users and require caregiver support, the capability to fold or detach the electric wheelchair allows users to lift and store with less effort. Reducing strain, frequency and effort in every aspect of movement and handling can have long-lasting positive advantages.

In the end the folding electric chair provides all the benefits of an electric wheelchair, however it offers more flexibility and choices because it is easier to store, transport and use. This gives more choices for users like traveling, reducing the chance of social isolation as well as increasing independence.