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What To Expect From A Car History Check

The thought of purchasing an all-new car and driving it around in the road is an exciting experience. If you’re considering an old car there are also risk factors that are important to know about before you commit to the cash you’ve earned.

Because of their availability and low cost we are more likely to buy pre-owned cars rather than new ones. But it has been discovered that more than half of them have hidden issues which recur to be a source of worry.

A few of them aren’t a problem like the change of a number plate to a custom-designed plate. But, other issues can turn out to be more expensive, which is why if you’re thinking of buying new wheels there are three important areas to be aware of to ensure you’re confident when making your next purchase.

Do you have unpaid finance?

A very frequent and expensive hidden issues with used vehicles is the lack of financing. This implies that the current owner hasn’t yet paid for the purchase of the vehicle , and thus it isn’t legally sold.

When you buy an automobile with unpaid credit it is possible to find creditors pursuing you rather. If you’re looking for second-hand cars, buying from dealers gives you greater security under the Consumer Rights Act. The law obliges dealers to only sell vehicles that are suitable for their intended use in the manner described and legally sound.

Has it ever been involved in an Accident?

Accidents can happen, but most times, a great repair will resolve any issues that may arise. If you’re looking to sell your car someday, but you could discover that repairs that are not so good lower the value.

Although a seller must be honest, it’s worthwhile to pay for a car history check that might reveal more about the history of a car. Check for:

Different colours of paintwork
The body panels are not seated evenly
The bonnet, boot or doors that aren’t closing smooth

An alarming number of used cars are deemed to be written-off by insurance companies, which means they are considered to be unsafe or in need of repair. An official check on the vehicle’s history will reveal which car you’re considering has an equally shady past.

Is it being looked after?

The service history of a car will show how well a pre-owned car was taken care of. It’s not the case that all older vehicles include one however with many used cars available for sale with a lifespan of 2 years or less, it’s a good idea to inquire about an inventory of service books to see whether a vehicle has been regularly serviced as per the schedule.

If you like your car slightly older, try to get invoices from spare components or oil to get an idea of the condition of your vehicle.

If you’re aware of certain essential items to be looking for, you’re able to place yourself in the driver’s seat when you are buying that ideal used vehicle.