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6 Benefits of an Annual Boiler Service

A recent survey found that 20 percent of the people did not have their boiler serviced over the past twelve months. In addition 18% of respondents considered that the need for service was not necessary unless the boiler was in trouble. While it could seem like a waste of money the annual boiler maintenance offers many advantages. If you’ve not been to a boiler repair within the past 12 months this guide will show you the top 6 reasons why you should add it to your list of things to do.

1. Protect your family and keep them secure

There is a possibility of a fault within your boiler that’s hidden from view. An annual inspection helps to keep fires from exploding gas leaks, fires or carbon monoxide poisoning through finding the fault and fixing them in the right place prior to them leading to serious issues.

Carbon monoxide can be deadly and unrecognisable without an Carbon Monoxide detector. Therefore, make sure you have one in the vicinity of your boiler, and also having regular maintenance.

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2. Reduces your energy bills

If a boiler isn’t maintained in the beginning, it starts to lose efficiency , which can have a knock-on effect on the cost of gas. A regular service will keep your boiler in good condition and helps to avoid the waste of heating fuel and keep your energy bills under control.

3. Saves money on expensive boiler repair

An annual boiler repair is a inexpensive expense that is performed annually. If, however, your boiler malfunctions and requires repair or replaced, that could be a costly issue. Regular maintenance improves the performance that your heater has and lowers the chance of having to make an expensive repair in the future. down the.

4. Guarantees are valid for a certain period of time.

If you’ve bought a brand new boiler the guarantee may be invalid if it doesn’t offer annual maintenance. Many manufacturers require that an engineer who is a Gas Safe engineer performs a annual boiler service. Any repairs that are required won’t be covered by the warranty.

5. This prevents winter breakdowns

Nothing is more annoying than trying to switch your heating system on when it becomes cold but then discovering there’s something wrong with the heating system. The whole house is with a grumpy and freezing family with cold feet. If you have your boiler checked prior to the coldest winter months rolling around and you’ll be able to be confident that you won’t have any problems during the times you’ll need heating the most.

6. Make sure your business is legal even if you’re a tenant

If you’re a landlord you’re legally required to obtain an annually renewed gas safety certification from an accredited Gas Safe engineer. The certificate confirms the boilers, pipes and gas appliances that are in the property you rent are checked and fixed, and are ensured to be in safe manner.