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All The Benefits of Artificial Grass

There are many advantages to artificial grass apart from its obvious appearance. Amazing warranties, top-quality manufacturing, and the environmental benefits have transformed our perceptions of synthetic grass, believing it to be an efficient, cost-effective alternative in place of natural turf. However, it would not be an accurate assessment not to also take into consideration the drawbacks of artificial grass. Although we’re awestruck by the material but there are a few areas that we recommend looking at before buying.

Artificial grass comes with a host of advantages, including lower costs for water, less use of water, low maintenance, a safe area for kids to play, weatherproof, and preventing its appearance throughout the year among other benefits. Artificial grass has its disadvantages, with the negatives of grass being far and few from the point of being a problem, they include the fact that it takes less time to garden for those who love gardening with no grass smell and a cost that may increase depending on the cost. Although there are some disadvantages however, they’re only a fraction of the advantages provided through artificial turf.

So , without further delay we will look through the advantages and pros of artificial grass…

The benefits of Artificial Grass

Here is an overview of the best 20 benefits to aid you in deciding if you should put on your gardening gloves and get and ready for summer!

Save money on water by using artificial grass

We all like to save money whenever we can. Based on Water UK, the average water bill is PS405 per year or PS33.75 per month, based on the area you reside in. One method to lower the price is to reduce the usage of hosepipes, or to eliminate sprinklers.

One cubic metre worth of water will cost PS2. For apply 25mm of water /square meters (an inches deep) on 100m2 of natural grass, that’s 2.5 cubic meters of water, or PS5. If you were to do this every week, during dry summer months, will cost you about PS55! It is a nightmare to imagine the implications of this when we consider the continuous stream of water from sprinkler systems.

One of the major benefits synthetic grass has is it requires a deep cleaning every two years – it does not really compare!

Conserve water by using artificial grass

Particularly relevant for areas that are susceptible to the water hose pipe ban. The absence of water can cause grass to enter an inactive state, frequently leading to balding and brown patches. If you don’t want to contend with ugly grass, fake grass is the best choice for you.

Gardening with low maintenance

Weeding, seeding, mowing fertilizing… It’s a long list. lawn care chores that are natural appears to be on repeat. It’s not long before you’ve remove the mower than you’re back with it and again. Artificial grass is known because of its easy maintenance requirements and its beautiful appearance all year long.

No harmful pesticides

Moss is among the most difficult natural lawn issues. Controlling it in order to ensure that grass is healthy and green is not easy. The harmful herbicides and pesticides that are used in treatment solutions can pose dangers to the health of the wildlife and humans. Visit website to learn more.

Save money on garden equipment

The care of your lawn can be costly particularly when you take into account the expense of a lawnmower, strimmer, hand aerator, rake the hand-weeder and lawn spade lawn shears, trimmer, lawn mower, hose and sprinkler. And that’s not even counting the the ongoing cost of blade replacements, electric fertilising, fertilizing, re-seeding and water costs.

Artificial turf may have the initial pulling out, but it is more than worth its value when you think about the long-term cost in maintaining grass that is natural.

Artificial turf is UV protected

Fake grass is a great choice for UV protection. It will not fade in sunlight and will remain all year long. It is not like natural turf that is known to be brown when exposed to too much sunshine.

Time to relax and unwind with fake grass

A shorter time spent gardening and more time to relax artificial grass provides the ideal solution for those who don’t garden! Who would have time to consider weeds, shrubs and overgrown grass?

A safe play area for children

A cushioned landing is ideal to prevent those minor accidents and falls, synthetic grass is ideal for nurseries, play areas and even schools. Play bark may be a source of splinters, and rubber may be a conduit for heat artificial grass is child-friendly.


Artificial lawns are perfect for dogs and are easily cleaned with an outdoor hose and mild detergent. The natural lawns are impacted by ammonia, which is found in urine, causing distinct brown areas and spots of baldness. Artificial turf is unaffected and the only thing to keep in mind is the amount of times it is utilized as a toilet.

No more mud when you use artificial grass

Make dirt tracks a thing from the past. The sublayer needed to put in fake grass is a barrier to ground soil which makes it difficult for muddy puddles to collect upon your grass. Also, it stops our pets from having the ability to dig dirt and then walk across the kitchen flooring. There’s only a limit to how many times the puppy dog’s eyes will be effective, but they don’t have the benefits that artificial turf offers.

No more grass staining your clothes

Produced using the highest quality PP and PE fibres, synthetic grass is completely synthetic. This means that there are no more clothes stained by grass to deal with. The clothes you wear are white after a jog around in the garden.

Do you want to know more benefits of artificial grass? Good! we’re not over but…

No allergies

Are you tired of sneezing and sneezing ruining summer enjoyment? It’s time to take advantage that artificial grass can provide. Artificial grass is ideal for those suffering from hay fever due to its low pollen number.

Excellent for landlords and tenants.

If you’re a tenant or landlord an occupied tenant who does not have the time to do garden maintenance, then you know that the standard may slip. Ingrown weeds, shrubs and grass can be the eyes of visitors to be irritated. Landlords may lose prospective tenants if the property isn’t attractive enough. Tenants may be charged for professional gardening services to take care of the property if the standard isn’t met. Make it artificial and eliminate the issue entirely!

A solution for the area that is shaded

Natural lawns require between four and six hours of sun every day. In the absence of this, grass can become less durable and more prone to diseases. The maintenance of a shaded lawn takes effort, time and, often, costly treatments.

Do not worry about it, the benefit of artificial grass can eliminate all of those problems. It is possible to lay artificial turf virtually everywhere as long as the area is flat, permeable , and enough drainage is present so shade isn’t an issue!

Work from home or enjoy a vacation? Go artificial!

When you are away from home, there is no time to do household chores and the gardening. If left to the elements natural lawns may quickly become problematic. If you cannot afford a gardener who will take care of the lawn in your absence Artificial lawns can avoid the problem completely.

Multiple uses

Apart from the normal lawn replacement, yard decking and terraces artificial grass is great to enhance areas like dogs’ runs, rooves as well as play spaces. It creates a safe and beautiful space that the entire family can take pleasure in.

Ideal for those struggling with mobility issues.

We all have someone we love who’s mobility isn’t as great as it was. Artificial grass takes away the stress of chores in the garden. A simple hose-down or a brush in the fall suffices to keep it looking great.

All throughout the year

Because of the high-quality manufacturing process synthetic grass is difficult to differentiate from real grass. In the absence of weather conditions, severe frost or scorching summers won’t cause havoc on your lawn. To enjoy pristine lawns all the year round, consider artificial!


The quick drying and weatherproof grass is not a hindrance to sports like rugby, cricket or football. No more delays here!

Colors to match your preferences

With a wide selection of artificial grass that you can pick the perfect shade and density, as well as the yarn’s shape pile height and thickness that you require. If you like the look of a wisp or freshly cut grass, these free samples will to make your decision a much easier.

5 Negatives of Artificial Grass

The pros and cons of artificial grass, but now it’s time to consider the negatives. Artificial grass’ disadvantages are only a few and sporadic We want to make sure you are as well informed as we can prior to embarking on the transformation.

Costing of the initial cost

Based on the type of selection you choose the price of artificial grass could begin to increase. We suggest that you make sure that the range you choose is within the budget you have set. Do not forget to include the accessories you’ll need when calculating the initial costs too i.e. weed membrane, adhesive, fixing nails, etc. to avoid any unexpected surprises.

If you’re considering professional fitting, get several quotes to ensure you get the most price for your dollars. You can always save money by performing an DIY installation, too.

Install process

The first installation can be somewhat daunting for some gardens that require extensive foundations. It is essential to build a smooth, porous base that permits drainage since this plays an essential role in the overall performance of your lawn. Blockages can lead to an issue with stagnant water or an odour. In case you’re not sure with how to do it yourself, you should to leave this job to the experts – especially for lawn maintenance that is complete.

Artificial grass is seen by gardeners as a form of cheating

Certain gardeners who are green think fake grass is cheating. They favor the natural method and are proud to pull out the lawnmowers, strimers and edging shears for cutting the grass.

According to the old saying… everyone has their own! The way you view it, it could be a drawback of artificial grass or an benefit. If you’ve got the time and the patience to garden then go for it, but if you want to take the simpler route to go with artificial grass, then you should consider.

It smells like grass that is real

Fresh cut grass smell is not something you’re likely to experience with fake grass. We believe that fake grass compensates with the absence of that endless path of grass clippings that you’ve walked across your property and green stained shoes due to the chlorophyll.

Removal of habitats for wildlife that are natural

Many believe that in replacing your natural lawn with artificial grass you’re destroying the habitat for insects. However, adding gardens with flower beds can solve the problem as well as the subbase of your soil still a home for worms and other animals.

Here we go, the advantages, benefits and negatives of installing artificial grass in your yard. It’s evident that how the benefits outweigh the negatives in some way!

If you’re thinking of an outdoor project and want to get some advice from our helpful fake grass specialists Contact us today They’ll be delighted to assist you.