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Buying Guide: Industrial Style Furniture

Be ready to be in awe! Furniture that is industrial style is a timeless and flexible design element that can add the character of any room. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for something modern and sleek or traditional and rustic, we’ve got you covered with our buying guide. Learn how to pick the best piece of furniture in the industrial style now!

What exactly is Industrial Style Furniture?

Industrial-style furniture and decor incorporates the distinct industrial elements of the old factories and transforms them into chic sturdy statement pieces. Think sharp, striking angles and exposed materials such as brick, steel, and wood The distinct shapes combine to create a minimal, form-over-function aesthetic of design for interiors.

The most important elements in Industrial Style Furniture


Furniture of the industrial style often uses large, unfinished, rustic planks of wood as well as recycled timber, which is reminiscent of the table tops made of durable material that were used in the old factories.

Reclaimed wood ensures that every furniture piece is unique and you can observe the distinctive characteristics of each wood. Furniture that is designed in the industrial style typically, the wood is not finished and painted.

Metals that are exposed

Tables that are industrial-style typically combine wood with metals that are similarly unfinished to create a striking difference between these two. A common combination is recycled wood being used for the table’s top while steel is employed to make a range of bases.

An Angular

Straight lines, strong edges and straight lines are commonly employed in industrial design to improve their utility, flexibility and stability , as well as giving an attractive appearance.

Raw and stripped-back style

Furniture that is industrial can be identified by the presence in live edges nails that are exposed and non-finished or unpainted furniture. These materials provide the same atmosphere to the brick walls that are found in warehouses.

Designs of industrial Furniture

Industrial Rustic Style Furniture

Furniture that is rustic and industrial concentrates on unfinished natural elements like live edge tables, as well as recycled metal like beams and pipes. Sanding or stripping the surface of painted wood creates this rustic industrial appearance.

Industrial Vintage Style Furniture

Furniture that is industrial and vintage uses materials such as leather or exposed nails. Repurposing and salvaging old factory or warehouse items like trailers, pallets and other equipment into dining or coffee tables is an excellent way to create the industrial look you want inside your home.

Industrial Farmhouse Style Furniture

Industrial farmhouse furniture blends huge, thick tables made of reclaimed wood with sturdy bases made of metal. Live edges aid in achieving this style, along with lighter wood finishes think of oak, not walnut.

The advantages from Industrial Style Furniture

Furniture that is industrial-style is becoming more popular due to its rugged appeal and practical design. There are numerous benefits of having furniture made of industrial design that include:

Sturdy & Durable

Straight lines, sharp angles to tough materials, everything that is part of furniture designed for industrial use is strong and long-lasting. Furniture in the industrial style is usually made of sturdy materials like concrete, steel, and wood which is why it lends itself well to places with a lot of traffic. For instance, cafes and restaurants, large dining tables at house or conference tables at the office.

Mix and match Seating

Industrial-style furniture can be used to mix and matching. You can decorate your dining table by adding velvet chairs or keep it simple with benches. You can also mix and match chairs – an excellent method to save money and keep good chairs out of the landfill.

Trendy but Versatile

The style is popular with interior designers. industrial-style furniture is an individual trend – but the basic furniture pieces that are unadorned are able to be paired with other styles to prevent the furniture from appearing outdated. Mix a reclaimed industrial style dining table with leather that has weathered and distinctive fabrics to create a vintage appearance or go for the urban design of industrial style with minimalist décor.


One of the great things about furniture that is industrial-style is the ability to customize the furniture to your preferences or the furniture you have in your home. Paint or stain the metal or wood to make your industrial design coffee table or TV, using whitewashing for the timber and an emerald finish for the metal, to give it an entirely new appearance.

Why choose to use reclaimed wood to make your Industrial Style Furniture?

Reclaiming wood ensures that perfectly good wood is kept out of the landfill and lowers the need for newly-sourced timber which reduces the need to deforest. The woods like oak are very durable, not only making reclaimed furniture a great sustainable option for industrial-style furniture and furniture, but also a wise investment too.