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Casement window repair in Dorset

Repairs are carried out on wooden casement windows in Dorset and bring them back to their original splendor. Casement windows aren’t always required to be replaced completely they can be repaired and repaired extremely successfully which makes this a economical option. All repairs are carried out as per those of the initial windows while preserving the original features while preserving the character.

Timber is a sturdy and resilient material that is favored by many individuals for their casement windows. As with all materials that must withstand the elements, the timber is subject to wear and wear and tear. A lot of the casement windows that we see are found in historic homes and need an overhaul to restore their original appearance and enhance their performance. It’s best to go with skilled joiners such as us, who are regularly working on windows for period homes and can handle any challenge that comes our in our path. In the same way, if you require repairs or refurbishments for wooden casement windows in an older property We’ll be glad to assist.

Sometimes, a window with a casement replacement may be the best alternative based upon the type of work as well as the state of the wood. We’ll advise you on the most suitable option for your property , and will give our rationale in full to ensure that you’re fully engaged in the decision-making process.

Is casement window repair the best option for you?

If your casement windows made of timber are getting old, damaged, or showing signs wear and wear repair or refurbishment may be just what you require. If you’ve observed any of these signs, it may indicate that repairs to your windows are the best option for you:

Frames with gaps or glass panes
Broken glass
Cold spots and draughts in rooms
Broken frames
Broken and rotting timber
Broken locks, window furniture or even broken locks
Windows that block or fail to close completely

We’ll evaluate your windows personally to make sure that we are aware of the problems you’re experiencing. We’ll then give you our professional advice regarding the best actions to follow.

Our repair service for casement windows

We provide a range of window repair services that will bring your windows back to their original beauty as well as to make them more secure and make sure they’re functional. There are no two windows that are alike, so our recommendations will be based on the problem you’re having. Our solutions comprise:

Draught seal
Services for improving insulation
Repair and removal of damaged timber
Removing decaying timber
Reglazing and glass repairs
Rebalancing and adjustments
Retaining the bead and draught-exclusion installation
Repairs and repairs to ironmongery and locks, as well as replacements

What are the advantages of repairing your casement windows?

Restoring your casement windows by professionals like us can bring with an array of advantages. They include:

Improved insulation – – get rid of hot spots that are present in the rooms
More secure windows Windows will close properly and be durable and durable
The windows will look as new with original features preserved

If you’re looking for more security options we can add additional features, replace handles and even repair locks. Let us know about your requirements and we’ll help you find the best solution.

We operate with integrity and openness, offering an initial consultation for free prior to any window service we provide. We can offer assistance from a professional surveyor who travels to your home, inspects the property in person, and is able to answer your concerns. They will also guide you through repair costs for casement windows cost and offer a comprehensive estimate.

If we feel that replacing your windows is an option that is better for us, we’ll talk to you about the possibility. Sometimes windows require to be replaced due to practical reasonsor because extensive repair works could cost a lot and a replacement is a better choice.