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Do I need an architect?

The need for the services of an architect is contingent on the kind of project you’d like to complete, and your personal experience. But, you may be amazed at how beneficial they can be , even in small-scale projects!

Architects are masters at making the most of space in your home. They are able to look at your home’s condition and discover the potential hidden within. Furthermore, thanks to their extensive understanding of planning policy they can guide you through the procedures involved in managing your neighborhood authorities. This makes them a helpful professional to bring on board.

If you’re not sure whether you require an architect for your home, here’s brief guide to determining if your project will require a to help…

You’re planning on expanding or changing

We recommend looking into an architect if your plan requires…

Extension of the rear
Side extension
Two-storey extension
Loft conversion
Garage conversion
Conversion of basement
Granny flat / Annex

Simply put, If you’re planning to create a new space that will affect an exterior aspect of your home It’s best to have an architect involved.

There’s no law that demands that you hire an architect in all scenarios however, having an architect for these major projects can make sure you’re creating a safe as well as legal enhancement to your house.

Why should you not employ the services of a builder? Certain people permit their contractor to create and construct their home however this is dangerous. Contractors do not require licenses to build houses, nor do they require any formal education. While an architect is subject to a strict code of practice and must complete years of education prior to starting their profession. In addition, they also have professional Indemnity Insurance, which means the clients of their clients are insured.

You’d like to alter the design of your house

For smaller projects, such as determining the layout of walls having an architect in the mix can have some advantages. They’re likely to see opportunities that you might have missed, in addition to being able to think about the bigger picture implications. There’s more to the design of a home than just changing the layout of the walls.

Door openings
Light and windows
Room with views of the room

Every one of these points the points an architect is in a position to think about to ensure that your house does not suffer from any unpleasant design imperfections.

You will require permission for planning

The role of architects isn’t limited to residential property designs. They can also help get your project’s planning permission.

In addition to providing professional designs, we serve as the planner to our customers. We take care of everything from the preparation of documents to coordinating with the city council to your benefit.

If you have an architect manage the plan, you not have to worry about administrative issues but also offer yourself the greatest chance of getting approval. This will aid in saving money in the long run since reversing a decision to cancel a plan is a costly procedure.

The time to think about hiring an architect at the planning phase

You require assistance in achieving the legal guidelines for permitted development rights
You’d like to have the best chance to get the first time approval for a complete plan application
Your home is listed as a building
You reside in an area of conservation
You reside in a house or a maisonette
Your house is subject to other restrictions on planning for example, if it is located within a flood zone or near an archaeological site of significance.

You’re not sure where to begin.

If you’re looking to expand the kitchen area or convert your loft, but have the wrong idea of where you should start ask an architect.

Architects are among the professionals who have the opportunity to be involved at all levels of a construction project. From planning to design and the budget to hiring contractors architects know everything. They are the best option for those beginning your journey.


Although hiring an architect is voluntary however, there are a variety of advantages to having an architect on the team.

Design that is of higher quality often results in more space and a higher return on your investment
They can handle your application for planning for you, frequently increasing your odds of success
They can give you advice in the beginning and assist with coordination your project.
If you’re not sure what’s feasible, they’ll evaluate your home and suggest an idea of projects for you to think about