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Guide to Installing a New Bathroom

A bathroom remodel can affect your life in a positive way.

There is no longer a time that a bathroom was an essential room within a home. With pure indulgence and peace in their minds it is imperative for people to focus to make more of their free time nowadays.

With the many possibilities of new features and innovations such as digital showers, Jacuzzi whirlpools as well as Double sink units for vanity tallboy cabinets, as well as flooring heating that one could build a brand new bathroom The variety of options is a bit overwhelming.

In this tutorial you’ll discover the different aspects of installing a bathroom.

Making Bathroom Products that are Right Bathroom Products

When you think about bathroom installations, the first factor to think about is what kind of bathroom you’d like. Do you want a bathroom for the family or guest bathroom? basic bathroom? Or are you planning to create a relaxing space for relaxation?

The key design decisions depend on the people (and what number) will be using the bathroom.

The amount you can afford and the quality of the fittings you’re looking for will decide the fittings you purchase to complete your bathroom. If your budget is limited then you may choose fittings in a cheaper price cost.

Additionally, you can purchase more expensive fittings that fit your budget. No matter what your budget is make sure you choose products that have longer warranties or guarantees.

Pick the materials you prefer carefully. If, for instance prefer natural stone, you shouldn’t settle for ceramic tiles. The overall feeling and harmony among the various elements are crucial for a bathroom. So, before buying any type of material, be aware that you’ll need to live with it for a long time.

Selecting the right Builder/Decorator

Horror stories of builders and interior decorators are aplenty. The most frequent complaints are low-quality work, incomplete projects, budgets that spiral out of control, and then ending in paying more than estimated cost.

It is the first thing to assess the extent of the work. A bathroom remodel is not something you can do yourself. If you’re not a professional person, you could easily fail to complete the task. In the end that the cost of the project could increase.

Involving separate tradespeople like electricians, plumbers, and plasterers is an excellent alternative. However, hiring all of them to complete your project on time is not easy. Even if you’re accomplished, managing and coordinating the many skilled employees on your site is a major problem.

The most effective solution is, therefore, to employ an expert in bathroom installation. However, you should only approach a professional when you have the plans prepared. List all the fixtures you would like and do not want to be included in the bathroom design.

The hiring of a single contractor to manage the entire task could seem costly. However, because you have to engage a variety of tradespeople to complete a bathroom installation job with ease, it’s worth it.

Choose a person who has a good reputation on Trustpilot. The benefit of engaging professionals is that even if they need to change something major to your initial plan, they’ll be able and flexible to accommodate the changes.

Steps to follow in Steps in Bathroom Installation Process

The process of installing your bathroom is easy when you follow the steps outlined in this.

Step 1 Step 1: Bathroom Layout Plan

Make sure you make the most efficient use of your space by dividing your bathroom into separate dry and wet areas. (You may ignore this requirement when your bathroom is small.) Make sure there is enough space within the bathroom.

Locate the positions the storage unit, safety fixtures and radiators. Make a detailed electrical layout, including the location of switches, light points water heaters, along with exhaust air fan.

Step 2. Install Sanitary Piping and Plumbing Lines

Determine the location of the shower, toilet or bathtub and washbasin and place the sanitary pipe and plumbing lines in line with these locations.

Step 3: Connect Electrical Wiring

Install electrical wiring in accordance to the location on the outside of the exhaust fans, shaving point, water heater mirror lights floor heating, ceiling lights and so on.

Step 4: Install the Countertop and then install your Bathtub and Shower enclosure

Its dimensions need to fit with the design. Common countertop materials include natural stone, engineered quartz marble, and granite.

Other tasks included in this bathroom installation process include fixing the bathtub as well as the frame for the shower enclosure.

Step 5: Repair the flooring and wall tiles.

Install the wall tiles and skirting according to the planned design. If you’re opting for flooring heating, make sure to fix the heating mat for floor prior to installing flooring. Be aware of the recommended slope to speed up drainage of water. Cover the gaps between tiles using grout once the tiles are dry.

Step 6 Paint the walls and Ceiling

If the wall’s surface is not completely tiled, you may paint it with a water-resistant paint. Select colors that are compatible with the other elements of design.

Step 7 7. Install the electrical Fixtures

Install the switchboards including water heater digital shower, lighting and exhaust fans, etc. Verify that your connections for the exhaust fan and water heater, the shaving spot, mirror light, ceiling lights and so on. Are working properly.

Step 8 Step 8: Install the Sanitaryware

Install the sink or vanity unit, commode and additional bathroom fixtures. Install sanitary fittings , like shower faucets for bath, handheld shower overhead showers faucets for the washbasin, etc.

Step 9: Repair all other bathroom accessories, and the Door

In this final step of bathroom installation make sure you fix to the enclosure’s glass panel. Additionally, fix additional essential accessories, such as the toilet paper holder towels, towel racks and robe hangers soap dispensers, soap tray as well as the mirror cabinet. Make sure the door to the bathroom is fixed.

The bathroom of the future is now ready!