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How To Pick The Right Living Room Style For Your Home

In looking for ideas for this crucial area of the house There’s a wide range of styles that may appeal to you. From cozy, cozy rooms with the intention of about creating an enveloping cozy feel, to more eclectic areas that are prepared for entertaining and hosting to the crisp modern lines of Scandi style or minimalist There are a variety of styles to explore.

The style of living rooms and the function of the space can be found in many dimensions and shapes, and changes constantly, according to Eugene Colberg, principal of Colberg Architecture. Living rooms and sitting rooms in the past were built around the hearth. Nowadays the hearth was positioned around a television. It’s not always the case nowadays. What is the main focal point of the living space today? You’re trying to make it an incredible space, and ensure that the size can be achieved, and also a room that people can use and enjoy frequently” Eugene adds.

We will look at the different living room ideas you can think about for your living room.

The best way to determine the type of living room that suits your needs is the first step in conducting an inner examination. What do you want from the room and what are you looking for from the area? Are you in a bustling area of your house that is subject to regular foot traffic? Perhaps it’s a peaceful space to take a break and enjoy some tranquility? By identifying this first, you’ll be just one step away from identifying the design of your living space that you like.

1. Modern elegance

A contemporary and stylish living space is a classic style which is almost classic in its aesthetics, but keeps it in line with modernity to stay clear of anything too.

Certain aspects of the room exhibit an old-fashioned, classic appearance, such as an antique mirror the fireplace detail and the mouldings on the wall that connects to the ceiling. However, it is converted into the present day by adding aspects like the coffee table which is stacked slightly to give the space distinct shapes to take in and also the unique lighting fixture. This brings the classic look to the present day.

2. The coastal chic

Another style you can adopt in your living space is the coastal look. If you’re close to the ocean it can create a sense of security and to give it a distinct local design to your living space regardless of where you’re located in the world, a hint of the ocean will go a long way to create a feeling of calm to your house. Imagine a palette that consists of whites and blues, but be careful not to use too many beachy clichés.

Hamptons style décor is a popular design of this kind. Interiors are elegant, chic and easy. Antiques and antique art truly enhance the look”she declares. The living area is decorated by hydrangeas, which are synonymous in this Hamptons style.

3. Scandi look

If minimalist décor is your style, and clear lines as well as a light color scheme and a minimalist living room make you feel relaxed Scandi decor can be described as an easy style of interior design which can easily be applied to your living space. Its pillars offer a neutral color scheme and provide a feeling of timeless, in which less is more and décor is minimalist. Storage is cleverly utilized to efficiently hide clutter. The living room’s accessories are minimal and could include plant life, textured fabric throws, and gorgeous wool rugs with a high pile at the very least. The Scandi style is a celebration of the simple furniture of the room, and the natural light, so the room is warm and inviting with no clutter or items.

Scandi design is also strongly tied to nature through natural materials that are used in design concepts and wood being used, and a sustainable focus.

4. Modern eclecticism

The modern eclectic style occurs an amalgamation of styles that blends to appear unison and highly personal, and it can be a great fit for the living space – usually a space in your home where personalization is the key. Think of antique designs, vintage items, and collectibles that reflect your personal life, paired with modern design. The eclectic design requires a blend of styles that work together , without everything feeling overly created.

Wall art for the living room (opens in a new tab) is an integral part of this diverse look. collections come from everywhere the world, from thrift stores that appeal to you or larger pieces you could have purchased at auction. A collection that is embracing the mix-and-match style will be highly individual and unique.

5. Modern, vibrant

It is possible that you want your living space to serve as a warm, cozy sanctuary, where after a long day, you’ll be able to find refuge, curl up with an e-book and unwind. Consider the color scheme you may want to use to create this cosy atmosphere. A cozy color scheme for living rooms could be rich and dark with earthy browns deep forest greens and plum purples. Contrary to what people think that a dark hue on your walls doesn’t make your space feel small and cramped. It can rather help create a feeling of comfort. A color that is on the warm end of the color wheel , such as reds, oranges, or yellows, will help you feel relaxed and happy. Consider how you apply the wall paint. Use monochromatic colors on the ceiling, wall and moldings, in order to create this luxurious feel.

In terms of furniture and decor Think about how you can feel cozy and comfortable. Perhaps it’s luxurious materials like velvet in jewel tones or boucle , both look stunning on a L-shape sofa or maybe an oversized throw or rug. Consider lighting as well. The most cozy living room lighting features multiple layers of light that spreads in large areas of light that cover the space and can be mixed and match.

6. Modern country style

The rural aesthetic doesn’t need to be twee or traditional. There is an option to achieve an modern farmhouse look which is contemporary and cooler. Think about how you refer to your location, not only with the natural materials and furniture you have in your home.

If you’re planning to go for a rural design in your living room consider coziness and patterns however, avoid anything that is too cliché. If you want to create a more bold interpretation of the country, Mind The Gap (opens in a new tab)’s Tyrol collection has beautiful intricately patterned fabrics that come in the most vibrant colors such as kilim rugs, kilim rugs along with Austrian chalet-inspired pieces that will assist you in referencing the country design.

7. Mid-century

A look that is mid-century in the living space is becoming to be a hit, and has gained momentum in the past few years. Furniture that dates back to the 1920s to the 1960s can be accessible and affordable and provides a chic vintage touch to your home. It could be described as furniture made of dark wood with elegant legs, sleek surfaces and sofas that are comfy leather.

The color palette is soft and calming, including browns, greys mustards and black leather geometric prints could provide a hint of mid-century style. It’s among the most sought-after styles of interior design that’s durable and is sure to look stunning in your living space. Start your mid-century research by investigating names like Arne Jacobsen Ercol as well as Ercolani who are prominent names in the design movement.

8. Industrial

If your house has an industrial history, take advantage of the architectural details to highlight the history. The living room is the perfect location to begin. If your house doesn’t have an industrial feel but you can still create an the look you want with basic furniture and decor accessories which pay homage to the chic style.

The main elements in an industrial dining space consist of exposed beams architectural elements that are original and a palette of colors: black brown, white, grey. Imagine raw, exposed materials like reclaimed wood, brick, iron concrete, steel.

What is the best way to choose an interior design theme?

When you are thinking about your living area and what kind of style would be suitable for you, first consider your own personal style. What makes you feel peaceful. Do you feel relaxed in the midst of your collection objects, artifacts or bits and pieces you have that you have collected over the years? Do you feel the more relaxed in a cozy dark, moody and dark space. Maybe it’s a minimalist colour scheme with neutrals, or the crisp lines of minimalism to help you unwind. The living room is the perfect space to unwind after a long day, so take a look at what you’ll need to facilitate this. This will guide you down the right path towards identifying the perfect living space style best suited to your needs.

Think about the person using the space. The use and the dimensions of the space will differ for a single person than the couple or family with five children and dogs.’

Another factor to take into consideration is the size of your living space. Does the style you choose match your home’s style with its architectural elements and proportions? Check if the living area is properly proportioned and in relation to size, and if the ceiling’s height is adequate. If you begin to notice that the room is too smallor large, or that the wall is too short, long or is too echo-y the style isn’t quite just right.