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Save Time, Money and Effort – Hire Site Clearance Pros

Site clearance is an important part of any construction project, renovation, or land development. Trying to clear a site yourself can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process. That’s why hiring professional site clearance services is highly recommended for most situations. Here are the top reasons to let the experts handle this necessary prep work:

Safety First
Site clearance often involves the removal of hazardous materials and demolition work. Trying to take this on without proper training, equipment, and experience can be extremely dangerous. Professionals have extensive safety certifications and follow all security protocols, like blocking off the clearance area from the public. They use personal protective equipment and take precautions like wetting down dusty demolition areas. Leave it to the experts to prevent injury or contamination on the work site.

Proper Waste Disposal
A major part of site clearance is properly disposing of all the waste and debris. There are strict regulations for disposing of hazardous waste, raw sewage, asbestos, lead piping, chemical drums, and other dangerous materials commonly found on clearance sites. Improperly getting rid of hazardous substances can result in major fines or environmental damage. Site clearance pros understand disposal regulations and use specialty haulers to ensure safe, legal waste removal.

Efficiency and Speed
Site clearance companies have the manpower, heavy-duty equipment, and experience to complete clearance work faster than you can alone. Trying to clear a site yourself would take an enormous amount of time and work. Professionals have streamlined systems to expedite the process, allowing your construction or land development project to begin faster. Speed and efficiency are major advantages of hiring site clearance services.

Cost Savings
You may be surprised to learn that hiring a professional clearance company can actually save you money in the long run. When you try to do all the demolition, hauling, and disposal yourself, costs for rental equipment, transportation, tipping fees and labor hours add up fast. Clearance companies have pre-negotiated rates and access to more economical bulk options. The cost savings they provide versus self-handling the work often make up for the expense of hiring them.

Reduce Liability
Attempting dangerous demolition and debris removal on your own makes you liable if any accidents, injuries, or environmental incidents occur. When you hire bonded and insured site clearance pros, the liability falls on them rather than you. Their expertise also reduces the likelihood of any issues or claims resulting from the clearance process. Limit your exposure by handing risky work off to specialists.

Specialized Equipment and Tools
Site clearance requires heavy machinery like backhoes, bulldozers,dump trucks, and skid steers that the typical person does not have. Companies invest in this specialized, costly equipment that gets the job done quickly and thoroughly. They also utilize unique tools for tasks like proper asbestos removal and decontamination. Lacking the right gear makes DIY site clearance incredibly challenging.

Compliance with Regulations
Staying in compliance with demolition, waste disposal, utility shut-off, permitting, and other clearance regulations is difficult without experience. Clearance pros are intimately familiar with all state and federal rules. They also have established relationships with oversight agencies that facilitate smoother clearance processes. Avoid liabilities or work stoppages by letting the experts handle compliance.

Peace of Mind
By handing off a complex, risky task like site clearance to a professional company, you gain significant peace of mind. Focus your time and energy on design, construction or development planning rather than stressful demolition work. You also minimize liability and can have confidence the job will be executed properly.

In summary, professional site clearance services are worth the investment for major construction and land development projects. Their expertise in safe processes, regulation compliance, specialized equipment, waste disposal, and efficiency makes the clearance process smoother and more effective for you the client. Consider the benefits and let the professionals tackle the demanding pre-work involved in site clearance.