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What Exactly Is Boiler Insurance?

There is no way to stop a boiler malfunctioning. However, you can stop the damage that a breakdown can cause. effect on your life and your bank balance.

Boilers play a crucial part in keeping us warm at home. However, it’s only when they fail that we truly miss the work they perform. A boiler that isn’t working properly isn’t something that is cheap or easy to repair and it requires immediate attention when it starts to play up.

This is why having insurance for boilers is essential.

It can give you peace of mind of knowing that you’re covered from the worst costs involved in having the boiler fixed. The cost of calling out is covered under the majority of policy policies for boilers. The engineer’s work costs. The cost of parts that they will need to fix the boiler’s issue are also covered.

The majority of boiler insurance plans offer an annual service as part of the plan, which is a great method to ensure that an experienced eye is watching the boiler once a year.

Do I require boiler cover?

If you’re looking for a quick solution to your boiler issues that won’t cost the earth or your wallet purchasing the homeowner or landlord boiler insurance is a smart choice.

Make sure you have current buildings or contents policy first because they may cover boiler insurance. Newer boilers (those that were installed within the last 5-10 years) might still be covered by an original manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty is extended in the event that your installer the boiler is certified by Vaillant or Worcester certification. Older boilers don’t have a valid warranty , and are more likely to be expensive, if not even impossible to cover. If you’re a landlord, it’s the responsibility of your landlord to find a boiler insurance policy.

Do you require boiler insurance, as well as an assurance from the manufacturer?

It’s all dependent on the conditions and terms of your warranty. The majority of warranties don’t protect you if the problem that you’re experiencing with your boiler is due to another component of your central heating setup. This means that you’ll be responsible for the repair of your boiler if you don’t have insurance for your boiler.

Additionally, there are many advantages to having boiler protection which you won’t get through a manufacturer’s guarantee:

The boiler is free for all of the years.

Call-outs are unlimited (varies between suppliers)

  • Contact to a customer support line (usually 24 hours a day)
  • Repairs for your boiler’s controls are included

Central heating insurance vs boiler insurance

This is the difference between two

Boiler insurance only covers your boiler as well as its controls

The insurance for central heating covers the items that are related to your central heating system, such as the boiler and controls pipes, radiators hot water cylinders, vents tanks. e.t.c.

What kind of boiler insurance do I require?

Boiler policies for cover are quite similar, however, an examination of the policies more closely and comparison with other policies will reveal the most significant distinctions, often within one of these areas.

  • Monthly cost
  • Helpline availability Not all helplines are 24/7.
  • Excess – in some cases, you don’t need to pay any
  • Annual claims. Some guidelines limit how many claims of claims you can claim, while others allow unlimited claims

Does insurance for boilers cover the replacement of boilers?

Some policies do. Others don’t. Some companies may even offer a discount on a brand new boiler. Whatever the case, your insurance might insist that your new boiler be installed by their certified engineers.

What is the definition of excess? What does the word “excess” in insurance refer to?

The excess is a sum you make when you file claims on the insurance for your boiler. It’s a contribution to the cost of having an engineer visit your house and make boiler repairs. Most of the time, the amount that you pay for won’t be more than £60. Certain insurance companies don’t charge for it and will add it to their monthly fees.

What will an annual boiler maintenance include?

A boiler check-up every year is an excellent method of keeping your boiler in top condition. A check-up every year will typically suffice to confirm that the boiler is operating as expected. During the examination the Gas Safe Engineer will carry the visual inspection of the boiler’s internal functioning and controls. Many boiler insurance plans offer an annual boiler inspection for free.