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What Factors Are Considered During A Home Valuation?

Based on the method you’re planning to make use of the report, a licensed valuer might or may not be able to conduct an appraisal of your home. For instance, many real estate agents will not ask for an appraisal report if you choose to sell your house. Realtors are experienced and have the expertise to give an estimate of how the house’s value is.

If you’re looking at borrowing against your home Your lender may require you to provide an appraisal of your property by an accredited appraiser. It is required to set up an appointment for a home valuation Tunbridge Wells and go through a formal appraisal.

What does a valuation appointment look like?

Professional valuers, also referred to by the name chartered surveyors specialize with providing accurate valuations of diverse property types. When they visit your home for an official appraisal and inspect the property, they will do so as a prospective buyer would. It usually doesn’t take more than one hour to assess and inspect your home.

In this article, we’ll go over the various aspects that professionals consider when conducting a appraisal of the property. To mention a few the most common, valuers will look at things such as size, layout, amenities, as well as the general state of the property.

External factors like market and location are important in addition. An expert valuer will choose the most appropriate method for valuing property depending on the kind of property. Most valuers utilize the sales comparison method and the cost method for houses that are residential.

Do you need an expert property valuation online?

Following the COVID-19 lockdowns several professional appraisers began providing online appraisals.

Conducting a valuation of a property using digital tools for communication such as Skype was possible before the outbreak. However, it was primarily used in situations where appraisers could not physically inspect the property, for instance, when buildings are still being constructed.

Do online appraisers have the same precise as traditional appraisals? Frankly, no. The appraiser must have direct knowledge of the property in order to determine its value independently.

Online appraisals rely on writing descriptions and an incomplete perspective of the property which is not enough to examine all essential elements and give an accurate assessment.

Do you have to accept an appointment made by your lender?

The majority of lenders will send professional appraisers to evaluate your home when they require the official appraisal. Do you have to trust these valuers? Yes, in the majority of cases.

In actual fact hiring a professional to evaluate your home is the best option. But, if you would like to schedule an appointment for yourself it is your right to do it.

What factors do appraisers take into consideration when they value a house?

Let’s find out the truth of the factors that influence appraisals now that we know what a typical value appointment will look. Whatever the method and the type of property, appraisers consider various external, internal and general elements.

Internal elements

If a professional appraiser comes into your home to evaluate its worth, the primary things they will look for is the exterior and interior of the house.

They evaluate the house’s size, age, the quantity of rooms the layout, amenities and special features like wine storage rooms, utility rooms, etc. They also look at the building’s condition and home’s condition.

External elements

The most important aspect externally will be the place you put your home. The appraiser will look at the appearance and condition of your neighborhood and whether it is connected for public transport, high-quality schools and hospitals, parks, and so on.

Crime rates are another crucial element that could reduce the value of your home. The present situation of the market as well as the local demand and supply are crucial as well.

General considerations

In general terms valuation refers to the wider context that can result in fluctuations in your home’s value in the near future. For instance, they could be global trends in social and economic development or governmental regulations. even environmental factors.

If your home is located in an area that is subject to frequent earthquakes or heat waves it will affect the value of your home.

Do I have to go to the valuation of the house?

There is no requirement to attend the appraisal of your home, but it is best if you’re. As homeowner, you’re the most qualified person to answer any questions you have about your home.

As an example, the appraiser would like to know about any renovations or repairs the house has experienced over the many years. They can tour your home and discuss everything in depth.

Making your home ready for an appraisal appointment is also a great idea. If you are looking to increase its value, you may consider renovating the interior of a few rooms, and take care of the exterior. If your home is in good shape and you want to make it look better, spring cleaning can give it the best.

In addition you must also create building plans lease agreements, building plans and other documentation that is required.

What happens following the property is appraised?

A property appraisal usually follows the assessment process for a week. following which you will get an official proposal by your loan provider.

The value of your property could be less than you anticipated. In this situation, you have the right to challenge the valuation. You may challenge it by providing the evidence to prove that it was incorrect or schedule appointments with an outside appraiser.


We hope that we’ve addressed every question you have about the process of valuing your home. It’s not the most exciting matter, but it’s an essential tool to build the perfect home.

Appraisals are an essential element of any homeowner’s list. The estimation of your home’s value can help you keep your financial affairs in order and also help you make informed investments in the future.