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What To Think About When Looking For Student Accommodation In Leicester

One of the most important concerns for any student is “when should I begin looking for accommodation for my student?”.

It’s not easy! It’s not a good idea to dive into the first option you come across however, you do not want to be too late to miss the perfect home for your university. However, don’t worry we’ve provided a few suggestions and tricks below to assist you in making the crucial choice.

The ideal time to begin to look

There isn’t a “right” moment to begin searching for student studios Leicester, however, there are certain times of the year that could be more advantageous than other times. It is contingent on the location you reside or planning to move. For instance, a student survey found that the market for rental properties in London is more rapid than the typical for the majority in the UK. This means it could be more convenient to begin looking for the perfect house closer to the time you’d like to move in if taking classes in London. But, there’s no reason not to start looking earlier in order to gain a sense of the kinds of homes that are available and what you like the most.

For different regions, some of the most ideal times to begin planning and thinking about your next home are:

The month of October – September may seem a bit early, but since most students just began their classes in September, however, it’s a good idea to get the fliers out and discuss with your potential flat/housemates about their plans for the coming academic year. Discussion with other first-year or second-year students will help get the wheels in motion and influence your choices on the type of home you’re looking for. Certain accommodation providers also begin advertising and opening their reservations for the next academic year in the months of October and November If you’re looking to secure your home or apartment early, then October is the best time to do it. You could even get “early early bird” discounts when booking or booking your space early and can aid in saving money.

January: Following the excitement of Christmas, it’s nice to beat the January blues with a little house-hunting. At this point in school, hopefully you’ve got a clear idea of what kind of house you’re seeking and the person you’d like to share it with. If you’re still trying determine this, January is the ideal month to finalize these questions. At this point, there should still be plenty of options for housing to pick from. Hopefully, there are plenty of students in the same situation as you, so the process of finding a roommate (that you are familiar with and enjoy) is likely to be simple.

Be sure to conduct your research , but do it quickly. As we mentioned earlier many students like to remain open to options and begin looking for university housing in January. This means you could have to compete with other students to find the perfect place.

From March to the end of March: For most regions from March to May, the months of March through May can be considered “late” in the context of the search (with London being the exception.) Certain providers might already have sold out of the most rooms however you there are still a few choices to pick from until May. The longer you wait beyond May the fewer possibilities you’ll have. However, there’s always the chance that someone who reserved early in October could end their tenancy at the very last moment, which means you could take their place! Do not rely on this to occur if you’ve got an idea of a specific home since a person who has resigned isn’t a sure thing and you could be left out.

What should you consider when you are looking for student accommodation

There is a tendency to become caught in the bustle and excitement of home hunting, and it’s more easy to get overwhelmed. With so many things to consider and think about, we thought we’d offer you some assistance. The following list highlights the most important factors we think will aid you in the path to making a decision!

The kinds of accommodations available there

There are a variety of accommodations options for students. From private-rented homes to PBSA’s (purpose constructed student housing) and student housing and student residences. Whatever you’re looking for is likely to be found. It’s important to decide the right type of option suitable for you. Are you a first-year student who is looking to share an apartment with a student in the second year? Are you a fresh university student planning to move into a shared residence, such as the student residences? Perhaps you’re a second-year student who is considering renting privately. Whichever option you choose be sure to do your homework. If you’re not sure what you should look for and perhaps a bit uncertain about the choices available check out our blog about the different types of student housing to get familiar with you.

Your budget

It may seem like an easy task, but it’s easy to overlook. Plan your budget in advance to ensure you have a budget in mind when you are looking for your next house. Certain properties include bills while others don’t. Be aware of this and ensure that you’re able to pay for bills that you are able to still include this in your budget. This is particularly important when considering privately-rented homes.

The location

Consider where you’d like to reside. Are there sufficient transport connections in the area? Are you close to the campus of the university? What’s the atmosphere like? Are there any student-friendly areas or are you in the middle of everything? Whichever you choose it is important to make sure that you’re searching for accommodation for students that is in line with your needs. It might take more time-consuming (especially when you have particular thoughts in mind) however ultimately, you’re likely to find the perfect home and be delighted with your new home and your new home will make the next year’s academic life much more enjoyable!

What kind of person would you like to share a home with?

As we mentioned earlier It is an excellent idea to inquire about your friends and family members to find housing for the next academic year. This will assist you in making your choice on not just the people you’d like to share a room with, but also the kind of house you’ll need to search for. If, for instance, there are several of you wanting to be together, you’ll have to find a place that will accommodate everyone. However in the event that there’s only few of you and you’d like to keep it that way (no strangers are allowed) You’ll have to alter your search to locate smaller homes to share.

Students who are entering their the first year of their studies There are a variety of websites and groups that you can join prior to your first year to connect with fellow students. This is useful for knowing who is also looking for flatmates and accommodation, to allow you to meet each other and get to know them better. If you know someone attending the same college as you, and you’d like to share a room with them It is always a good idea to search for places that allow group bookings to ensure that you’ll be able to live together.

If you’re too late?

While it might seem as if you’re at the bottom of the world when you’re unable to pick the perfect home you’ve always wanted away from your home, the truth is that it’s not too late to locate student housing. There are still choices available; it’s just not the first option. The area might not be the one you had in mind The number of rooms could be one too many to your taste However, you’ll have an area to live and be a home for the next academic year. If you’ve got the perfect house in your mind, it is always best to begin your search before the deadline – keep in mind that once you have signed the contract, your choices are more than likely to not be altered!

If you’re in search of the perfect student residence check out our wide selection of student housing within the UK. All of our homes are offered with all the bills included to ease the burden.