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Why Are Shaker Cabinets So Popular?

The words from the legendary football coach Bill Shankly, “Form is not permanent, while class is.” It is possible to apply this phrase to kitchen design, too: “Trends are temporary, style is always there.” It’s real. Fashions are only short-lived. They change however, style will never go out of fashion.

If you took a look at designs for kitchens throughout the years, you’ll notice that certain styles were popular in different times. You’ll also be able to see the time when certain elements of contemporary kitchen design first came into use. Additionally, you’ll notice some aspects of kitchen design have remained similar throughout time. Certain aspects of design remain the same. Shaker kitchens are a prime example of this style, because’style Shaker’ and “style” are both synonymous They truly have a lot in common! So, without further delay take a look at all you should know and learn about kitchens that are Shaker.

The Shaker type kitchen definitely an old-fashioned classic. What exactly is so special about it? What is the reason why Shaker kitchens been so well-liked for so many years? Perhaps the Shaker style be what you’re seeking to your own kitchen?

What exactly is a Shaker Kitchen?

The Shaker kitchen is believed to date back in the 1800s according to historical records that suggest there was a group of Shakers which was an official religious sect called The United Society of Believers during Christ’s Second Appearance believed that every object in the home must have some purpose.

In the end, their focus was on practicality and the best way to use high-quality materials. This would later be the foundation of what is now known as an “shaker” kitchen. Nowadays, it is a standard feature for kitchen designs, the premise established on by Shakers of perfect functionality paired with the finest materials are extremely popular in the present.

Shaker kitchens in the modern contemporary day offer sleek lines, clean spaces and a simple design. This can be achieved through the use of an array of colors and materials that are perfect for the modern-day home. This could also include extra-deep drawers or storage areas that are designed to minimize clutter and maximize the area. Although smooth lines are the norm of the moment shaker kitchen units that have curving edges or sharper angles are both acceptable.

The distinct recessed panelling of the Shaker kitchen could be one of the main features of the design, as is the square shape of the frames and panels. As per the Shakers style of living the design was simple and simple. The Shaker kitchen is tidy and there’s no dull or boring about the design. It’s actually extremely adaptable. The style is a perfect fit for the traditional, country-style kitchen. In the same way, a contemporary shaker kitchen can be like a stylish and modern version of the traditional version.

What exactly is Shaker kitchen?

Now that you know the meaning of Shaker fashion is all about, you can consider where the unique name comes from.

The Shakers were a religious organization founded at the North West of England in 1747. The sect was split from a different group, called the Quakers. The name for the organization is The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Apearance. The Shakers were well-known for their celibacy and social life style. They strongly promoted equality of male and female. This helped them distinct from other religions at the day. It was also a key element of the Shaker way of life that resulted in the Shaker name being extremely entwined with designing kitchens.

The Shakers were famous for their simplicity of their lifestyles they advocated. Alongside this was an unwavering focus on the development of technology. Importantly is that the Shakers believed that every aspect of the home must be designed to serve a purpose.

Beginning of Shaker style.

In essence, the Shakers were a departure from the religious tradition by placing the primary focus of worship heavily on the community instead of on clergy ordained by the church like the majority of religious groups were doing in the early days. There is further about the History of the Shakers, but it’s their focus on life style that is relevant today with regard to the design of kitchens.

The Shakers conviction that everything should serve a purpose along with the desire to work with high-quality materials resulted in the development of what is now referred to as the Shaker kitchen. The fundamental design principles of simple, smooth lines and spacious spaces have not changed much in the past.

After their separation from the Quakers The Shakers made their way into New York in the late 1800s. They settled in the eastern parts in New England, in small communities. In the spirit of self-sufficiency and self-sufficient, they started to design and sell their distinctive furniture. This is what we recognize as Shaker style.

What Color is Shaker Kitchen?

One of the main benefits when you choose a shaker cabinet for the kitchen in your house is the vast selection of colors and styles that you can pick from. Shaker kitchens are created for timeless appeal and stylish rather than ‘on trend and trendy – perfect for anyone who would like to have a relaxing kitchen for years to be.

A lot of people choose neutral shades or well-tested styles when it comes to their kitchens, which typically include white or solid wood. Although there’s nothing wrong with this choice however but our shaker doors for kitchens means you’ll be able to have more fun and get more imaginative with the design of your kitchen.

For instance the Roma stained shaker doors are available with a staggering 17 colors! It includes ballroom blue, soft mint , and graphite, to allow you to be individual in your kitchen design. These doors can inspire your imagination into creating a completely new look for your kitchen at a affordable cost.

The majority of traditional Shaker kitchens are decorated in white, ivory, or blue but in many cases let the natural color and wood grain be the main focus. But, modern Shaker kitchens are able to be decorated in nearly every colour (or combination of them) you can imagine. Consider amazing shaker kitchens in graphite or dove grey kitchen units.

The contemporary Shaker style kitchen is also known to employ sophisticated and innovative hardware, including handles with contemporary taps and other types of finishes. For those looking to build a new kitchen mixing contemporary colours and textures with items like backsplash backs, tiles as well as worktops and appliances that have traditional shaker styles is the ideal mix of contemporary and traditional.

Are Shaker Kitchens expensive?

Many people think that a shaker kitchen must cost an amount of money to build, but most times, this is actually not the case. Because of the numerous choices available in terms of finishes, materials and general configurations, there’s an elegant shaker kitchen that can accommodate any budget.

Furthermore, their longevity and functionality will always make them a wise investment that is difficult to regret! They’re widely regarded as one of the best efficient options for value on the market, and it’s evident the reason. Shaker kitchens are an extremely popular option for those who wish to make the most of their kitchen designs while being a stunning interior design for years to come and enduring against the elements!

What is it that makes Shaker cabinets so well-known?

Kitchens with Shaker design have been in fashion for many years. They never appear to fade away from their appeal. Of course, some of that is due to their time they have been in. But the primary reasons behind the fact that Shaker cabinets have been considered to be among the most popular cabinets available are quite easy to understand. It’s all about the mix of durability and adaptability. In addition, there is the fact that authentic style is never out of style.

The present-day Shaker cabinets are just simple and plain in appearance like they were years back. But the sleek lines and simple recessive panel that is found on Shaker cabinets are appealing throughout the board. No matter if you’re looking for an old-fashioned country kitchen or the most modern and modern design it is impossible to get it without Shaker cabinets.

The Shaker style of kitchen what you can make it. It doesn’t have to conform to the same style. Shaker kitchens work in suburban apartments, city homes, houses for families or even a beach home.