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Why is a Man and Van better than Van Hire for my move?

You may be thinking why it is important to employ Man and Van services rather than just using a truck? We have created this guide for the reasons to hire the services of a man and van in Cheltenham to help you move house!

A few of the reasons you should pick one of the reasons to choose Man or Van:

No large deposit
No driver’s license is required.
It is not necessary to return or collect
Help with loading
There is no need to worry about causing damage to the van
No documentation
Fuel included

Most people aren’t aware of the dangers that come with hiring vans for moving home, in contrast to hiring a van and man service. The primary cost of hiring vans is the deposit you have to pay at the time of collecting the van which is typically £300.00. In addition, there is an additional fee they charge for the smallest scratches. If they had requested your credit or debit card details prior to taking the van for hire and there’s nothing it is you can do in order to prevent them from charging the £1,000 excess , which is the typical excess that hiring van rental companies.

There are also the equipment needed to safely move your belongings i.e. blankets, straps, and trollies. There is no way to be supplied with these equipment by rental van companies. They will let you leave the van knowing that there’s a good possibility that you don’t have any previous experience driving a heavy goods vehicle and don’t have the necessary experience to load the vehicle in a safe manner. If you don’t utilize blankets and straps when load the vehicle, there’s a good possibility that you’ll come to the first bend on the way to your destination, and you can hear the sound of a thud in the rear of your van. It is not just your personal belongings get damaged, but the interior of the van get damaged as well. What was once an excellent idea has become a costly nightmare. This is why an experienced man and van service can help you save you from all the previously mentioned.

Any reliable driver and van company will always have the right equipment to transport your belongings in a safe manner. It is possible to make a small payment through a debit or credit card at the time of booking to secure the availability of your van. You will then be able to pay the balance with cash directly to the driver at completion , who will provide you with a receipt in the form of a paper or digital receipt. If you do not think you require assistance from the driver loading or unloading, and that is the reason you’ve thought about hiring a van, you could ask for a service to load customers that will lower the price that you have been quoted. Additionally, two persons are able to travel on the van along with the driver for no additional cost.

In the end I would recommend a van and man service provider instead of hiring van firms as it saves your time and money, and also causes simpler as you do not need to visit the garage to fill the van with gas on the way back to the location of the hire van and then sit for them to glance at the van using an magnifying lens and to conclude a tiring day in the event that you don’t have someone who will meet you when arriving at the van’s address, you’ll have to pay for public transportation to be able to return back home!