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Why Use Towel Radiators?

Before spending the money for a heated towel rail it is sensible to pause and think about how you’ll utilize the rail. Most people’s first thought that pops into the mind is a hot radiator that’s attached to the bathroom wall It’s crucial to remember that you’re not bound by the room’s type or even by the size of your bathroom.

A lot of people opt to install modern radiators for their towels in kitchens, utility rooms or bathrooms. They can also be installed in cloakrooms, kitchens or bathroom ensuite also. Whatever location you choose to place your towel radiator that is heated there are three options to make use of them, as well as three ways for your rail to be powered.

Heating towel radiators for Central Heating

A majority of homes within the UK have central heating installed. It is perhaps the simplest method of connecting your new radiator to the central heating system – simply plug the new item into your central heating system by using two radiator valves. In the event that you’re replacing an old towel radiator, then you may not be required to change the valves for radiators.

Connecting a towel radiator the central heater is one of the simplest and most common method to make sure that towels remain dry and warm. It also means that the new towel radiator functions in exactly the same way that regular home radiators function. It’s crucial to realize that centrally heated radiators for towels doesn’t have the same heat or energy output as an electric convector heater.

Towel rails with electric-only technology

Electric-only towel radiators are ideal to high-rise flats, buildings and apartments. The reason is that the pressure needed to power central heating is harder to attain in higher levels of multi-occupancy structures. Electric towel rails could be the only option available when your house is without central heating or gas system at all.

Electronic towel radiators can be straightforward to set up, however they need to be installed or checked as well as “signed off” by an experienced electrician. They’re also economical to run, and contemporary wide towel radiators feature stylish designs that can add value to the bathroom.

Although they’re most common in apartments and flats however, you don’t need to be in a multi-occupancy house to enjoy electronic towel heaters. For instance, if you were looking to heat your conservatory, it may be cheaper and easier for you to put in an electric heater rather than having a plumber expand your existing central heating/plumbing system. This scenario may also require planning permission, while installing an electric radiator will not.

Dual fuel towel rails

What better way to get the best of both worlds by purchasing Dual fuel-powered heated towel rail with the heating elements of an electrical system, while being linked with your heating central system? One of the benefits with a dual fuel rail for towels is the ability to enjoy warm towels all year long even in the summer times in the event that your heating unit is not in use.