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Why Regular Chiller Servicing is Essential

Chillers are necessary for maintaining a pleasant temperature in buildings. They are employed in several industrial procedures as well. However, chillers may be intricate and pricey pieces of equipment that need routine maintenance to function properly and avoid malfunctions.

The advantages of routine chiller servicing are numerous. Some of the more significant ones are listed below:

Improved efficiency: Your chiller’s efficiency may be increased with regular maintenance, which can help you save money on energy expenditures.

Preventative maintenance: Servicing may aid in averting failures, which can ultimately save you time and money.

Extended lifespan: Your chiller may last longer with regular maintenance, giving you more years to utilise it.

A chiller’s appropriate maintenance may provide you piece of mind since it ensures that it is operating well and that it won’t break down unpredictably.

How frequently should chillers be maintained?

The type of chiller, the climate it is in, and how frequently it is used are just a few of the variables that affect how often a chiller has to be serviced. However, the majority of professionals advise maintaining chillers at least once every year.

A skilled expert will check the chiller and carry out several operations during a chiller service, such as:

examining the amounts of refrigerant

coils need cleaning

putting lubricant to the moving components

examining the electrical parts

Controls being tested

The technician will fix any issues he discovers.

What are the indications that a chiller need maintenance?

There are a few indications that your chiller could require maintenance. These consist of:

The chiller’s cooling capacity has decreased.

Strange sounds are coming from the chiller.

Refrigerant is dripping from the chiller.

The circuit breaker is being tripped by the chiller.

Have your chiller serviced as soon as you can if you observe any of these symptoms.


For your chiller to operate well and avoid malfunctions, routine service is crucial. You may increase the lifespan of your chiller and save energy expenses by adhering to the advice of an experienced expert.

Here are some more pointers for maintaining the health of your chiller:

For use and upkeep, according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Condenser coils should be kept clear of dirt and clean.

Regularly check the chiller for leaks.

Regularly swap out the refrigerant filter.

At least once a year, have a trained technician service the chiller.

These suggestions might assist to make sure that your chiller keeps running effectively and dependably for many years to come.