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Tennis Betting Explained

The betting on tennis is a growing market across the globe, with betting sites offering increasingly better chances to bet and more betting choices -including live betting. In the wake of U.S. Open coming up and a host of famous players taking part, here’s what you must learn about betting on tennis to make money.

With a wealth of tennis information and statistics readily accessible, you can earn some money on the courts using the correct handicapping strategy and these tennis picks strategies.

Be aware of the surface on which you play.

The surface of the court is the number. one handicapping factor in tennis. There are a few players who perform at their greatest on all surfaces. For instance, Wimbledon has a grass surface that favors serve and volley players with large serves.

However the Roland-Garros clay surface that gives the baseline players an advantage and slows down big serves. Understanding how grass and clay playing surfaces affect odds is an essential starting point.

Find spot bets

Mental aspects of tennis is an essential aspect of betting on tennis. The impact of situational edges can be huge. Be aware of the possibility of a letdown following an epic loss or a happy victory. Be aware there are some top players may not be as enthusiastic as their lower-ranked competitors when playing at smaller events.

Scheduling is also important as players who go through the qualifying process will be prepared than those who have been granted automatic entry but are yet to participate. However, fatigue (both physical as well as mental) can be a problem too.

Different styles can lead to matching edges

Do not place too much importance on recent rankings or form. Tennis is a single-player sport that means the way you play is more important to matches.

Each player has their own strengths and weaknesses, and a head-to-head past performances can provide intriguing trends. Although recent losses and wins remain a factor to take into consideration, bettors on tennis must be aware of the different game style of each player.

Fitness first

Tennis is a strenuous sport that requires constant movement and very few stops in play, so players have remain at their peak regarding fitness. Be aware of the factors that could make fitness more important like the weather (hotter temperatures are more draining) and length of game (Grand Slam tournaments are best-of-five sets, not best-of-three) and injuries and the time between tournaments for players individually.

Being aware of players who are at their peak physical condition will also aid in making a decision on betting on live tennis because the opponent could start matches with a strong stance, while the fitter player is able to take over the stretch.

Types of bets on tennis explained

There are many options for betting on tennis games The most well-known betting choices are the moneyline, the spread, as well as the over/under.


The most well-known method for betting on tennis by placing bets on the cashline. It’s as simple as picking the winner who is outright in the match. The most popular player will have an asterisk (-) on their name, and in the next example it is necessary to place a bet of $185 on Djokovic to make $100 if he wins the match.

The underdog is likely to have an positive sign (plus) in the odds of winning, so bets of $100 on Federer will result in an income of $165 should Federer could pull off an surprise. If each player has the same number, they will have equal odds of winning, and the game is considered as a “pick one and win.”

Tennis spread

Similar to the point spreads in football or basketball, oddsmakers set handicaps for both games and sets to make sure that the field is level.

In the following example of a spread in a game, Novak Djokovic is set at -4.5 This means that the player must beat five games more than Medvedev during the match to cover the spread. If Medvedev wins the match , or loses by less than four games, he will cover his spread.

The spreads of tennis sets are set at -1.5 similar to that of the baseball run line. In the following example, if you place a bet for Djokovic in -1.5 sets and he beats him by straight set, you will win the bet. If Medvedev is victorious in a set, you lose.


If you are betting on the Over/Under for other sports, you wager on the number of points that are scored. The Over/Under for tennis is determined by the amount of games a match will have.

Remember that tennis matches are either best-of-three or best of five sets. A player has to win six games with a margin of 2 games to win a set. And when it is determined that the match will be tied 6-6 the seventh tie-breaking game will be played.

In the following example, if two players team up to play more than 39 games, betting the Over will pay $100 per $125 bet. If the two players play 38 games or less bettors betting on the Under will make $105 profit from 100 bets.

You can also place bets on the total or the Over/Under of sets that will be fixed at 2.5.


Futures odds are among the most well-known ways for betting on tennis. They involves betting on the player who will win the most affluently in a specific event, for instance the odds of winning at the U.S. Open. Each player is given an amount based on their odds of winning.

The following illustration of the futures chances, Ashleigh Barty as well as Naomi Osaka are the two most likely to take home the U.S. Open at +350 and +450. If you place a $100 bet for Barty to win, and she wins the gold the winner will earn $350.


One method for tennis bets to become even more exciting is to look at the betting market of proposition betting. This includes betting on who will win the initial game or an exact number of points, the Over/Under for the number of Aces, and many more.

Be aware that not all books provide these exotic prop bets and might only be available for larger tournaments or matches.

Live betting

With point changes happening quickly and frequently during tennis matches, betting live provides an array of exciting opportunities for smart gamblers. In-play betting lets you bet on the match-winner, set winner, as well as the winner of a match in any set.

Make sure your feed is current to date, and be aware of these suggestions for betting tennis live so that it is possible to profit the momentum swings and John McEnroe-like eruptions.

Instant Replay: How do you bet on tennis

Understanding the way players perform on certain surfaces, and the distinctions between grass and clay is crucial to handicapping matches.
Understanding the style and habits of players is essential to know when a bet line is not in the right place.
Make the most of swings in momentum and also the mental aspect of tennis by betting live.
Take a look at all betting options at your sportsbook to determine which one of the best bets is in a specific match or tournament.

What is the best way to bet on tennis? Questions

There are a variety of options betting on tennis, including the most well-known being the moneyline, the spread, the over/under as well as tournament-specific futures.

Since tennis is a popular international sport the majority of online and in-person betting sites offer tennis betting. Look up the sportsbooks in your area and find out the tennis markets they have to offer.

The odds for tennis will be either a negative (+) or negative (-) symbol in front of the number. If the odds are positive, it indicates the amount of winnings you could win when you place a bet of $100. If there’s a negative symbol in front of the odds, it’s the amount you’d be required to wager to make $100.

Bet on spreads for both sets and games that are won. This is an advantage and provides more value when backing an underdog and gives you a greater chances of winning if you place your bets on the underdog. The favorite must be able to win more sets or games that the positive (+) handicap to cover the spread, or else the underdog will win the bet.