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The Importance of Website Monitoring

Monitoring your website is among the top crucial tools to have to ensure an efficient and functioning website without interruptions. Webmasters are the ones who spend the majority of our day online. In fact, many of us who are online in the world are spending the majority of our time sleeping!

But even the most diligent webmaster can’t keep a close eye of their site 24 hours a day every day of the year. If you’re sleeping or doing something else, your website is up and running – and isn’t it? It’s hard enough to keep the track of a single website and when you’re a webmaster managing multiple websites, the task becomes harder. This is why monitoring of websites is crucial for having functioning websites all the time.

We’ve all seen a website not working for several days. Could it be that the website’s webmaster did not care, or is it more likely they were unaware? Whatever the reason for the website’s downtime, and subsequently remaining down, it’s a disaster for businesses and their online reputation. While some of us may have gone back, maybe due to professional interest, to check the site a bit later to check if there’s up and running, the truth is that most of your clients aren’t as kind or even curious!

On the internet, competitors are just an easy click away. There’s no reason for your client to walk just a few blocks away or drive. The ability to locate you first is now easier, as has the ability for them to move on. The research has proven that consumers who use the internet are more tolerant and less loyal than bricks and mortar customers.

The cost of keeping an existing customer significantly less expensive than purchasing another one! Therefore, the most important thing you do not want to deal with is for your website to be down and causing a negative impact on the relationship you have with your customers. However, it’s not just your customers disappearing to your rival as well as their money which should be a concern for you.

Search engines are engineered to – at the very least to provide an “best” customer experience to people who are searching for particular services or products. However, if your site is down every when a crawler from a search engine is browsing your site, what message will this send towards the engine? It’s clear that the site is down often and you shouldn’t be promoting your site as much as other websites that offer similar products and services that are online constantly! If the crawler for search engines can’t access your website, how will it crawl the content you’ve been making?

Thus, reducing the time it takes for your website to go down is not just important to keep your customers satisfied and loyal and to keep your company’s image intact It is also vital to ensure that you keep search engines too. In the end, if your search engine rankings drop, you’ll get fewer users in the first place!