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What is the J1 Visa?

This is the complete explanation of this J1 Visa. What is it about, what it is and the reason it’s so important.

If you’re getting ready to go to camp, you’ll learn a lot of official terminology and lingo to fill out your forms. It’s all somewhat overwhelming, particularly when you’re aware of its importance but don’t know much about the subject.

After you’ve booked your appointment at the counter, you’ll be asked to confirm the Visa Embassy appointment and if you’ve scheduled an appointment to receive your J1 Visa along with filling out your Ds-160… But what is this all about?

Let’s discover…

For work authorization within the USA you must have the appropriate visa to cover the time you’re in the States and the kind of work that you’re performing.

Each type of visit or work is classified and given an accompanying letter to be identified with a number. The visa we are using for the position of Camp Specialist or Counselor is J1 visa.

What is it that makes J1 Visa?

The J1 is an exchange Visa for cultural travelers (you) who promote and taking part with the cultural exchange (Summer Camp).

“Cultural exchange” is an official word, but when it’s broken down, it’s the exchange between two nations in sharing ideas, building friendships and building mutual understanding.

The best aspects of your own traditions to States by exposing them our habits and thoughts language, as well as a new perspective on our globe… while taking in the best aspects of America. We offer them our quirks, and in turn, be a part of their culture. Cultural exchange is an elegant way to describe it.

“This is a genuine blend of cultures and experiences. Campers who haven’t even left the US or traveled any distance in any way are able to connect with someone halfway across the globe. I haven’t heard of another area where a twelve year old in northern Minnesota is able to interact with people from 10 different nations without ever going out of his hometown. These interactions result in more knowledgeable and curious young people who will be shaping America.”

J1 Visa Requirements

Alongside the application for the visa itself there are some prerequisites you need to meet. However, don’t worry and if you use our camp options and submitting your application, you’ll be safe…

To have been able to conduct an interview with an employer

We’ve joined forces with some top visa sponsors who will ensure that you’ve got all the necessary documentation and are looking after you.

Visit this website when looking for J1 camp counselor programs USA.

If you begin the application process with us we’ll ask you to attend an interview. Interviews of our team from the national side though relaxed but is tied to the visa and our support of you in the program. * * We must be sure that you’re taking part in the right way and that you’re at least 18 years old. * *Be fluent in English**

As an English spoken country, despite the Americanisms It is a must that you are easily able to communicate once Stateside.

To be covered by insurance

We’ll provide you with health insurance in the course of your packageat without additional cost.

To have received details of arrival.

Once you have logged into your account, you’ll be able see your travel section for the next day with clear directions for how to get there. your camp. If you’re not sure, that you’re on the right track, then inform us immediately!

An orientation

For the purposes of your J1 visa, you’ll be required to attend an orientation session with us. It’s an amazing day with prizes, helpful tips on life at camp answers to your questions and a plethora of energy. We want you to get the most possible from the day, and that’s why this isn’t your typical orientation.

You’ve got the forms

The DS2019 (Certificate that you are eligible to Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status) is an extremely important form to use when seeking your J-1 visa. It’s actually a part that visa. So don’t risk in danger of losing it!

We can provide the DS2019 in your name. This is among the primary reasons to work to us, or any other agency, rather than trying to do it yourself.

You must prove you’re in a temporary location and also to show that you’ll soon be back to your home.

Although we’d want to be in camp and travel through the States for eternity however, it’s likely that the US Embassy will require evidence that you’ll be returning home. From returning to university or getting your job set to return or whatever tie you pick to discuss in the embassy interview, be sure to mention it.


We’d like to know what’s going on in America. Through the J1 visa, we’ll check in monthly with your camp to check how you’re doing on. We’ll also be available 24/7 in case you require us. It’s impossible to get rid of us this easily…

How do I apply for J1 Visa? J1 Visa

After you’ve received your appointment and SEVIS number in your account then you can start the process of completing your J1 Visa application. The application is online and you can make an appointment time through Your US Embassy account portal. We’ll walk you through this step-by- stage with our step-by-step instructions.

You’ll need to make payment for your appointment prior to you are able to choose a time and so be ready to pay prior to your appointment, as though your DS2019 application and sponsorship fees are taken care of by us but the appointment itself is the responsibility of a third party.

The price for a J1 Visa appointment is $160 USD. *

Once you’ve been granted it, once granted, the J1 Visa will be displayed on your passport.

Following your appointment at the Embassy The officer will keep your passport in order to make you a Visa in. You must have two pages free!

It generally takes about 2 weeks for it to be returned to the collection point you choose or, if you opt for the courier service, they will bring it directly to your doorstep. The embassy suggests that it could take anywhere from 6-8 weeks, so make sure to schedule your appointment at least a month ahead of the date of your travel.

Once you have received your passport It will be wrapped in DS2019 Make sure you keep it all together and protect it with your entire life. Promise us. This small document is also the other portion of your Visa and you’ll be a nightmare with customs officials in the US in the event that you don’t have one.

The maximum length for the J1 Visa is 4 months.

It is important to note that the J1 Visa lasts for the duration of the contract for summer camp. As long as you are employed by the summer camp, the visa will be valid.

How do I use the J1 visa in the event that it’s only active while I’m in camp?

Don’t worry be concerned, you’re not alone. J1 visa was developed to provide you with the most enjoyable flavor of America. Travel is a major component of the visa. For a tour of the city and taste the food, you will learn about the people… truly experiencing culture on a local level.

Perhaps you’ve been aware of a grace period. In case not, then you’re going to. Grace periods are an option of period of 30 days which you can choose to avail after your contract is over at camp. It’s not necessary to ask or request a grace time because the kind people of their US federal government already put this into the system for you.

It is not necessary to quit the US within 30 days.

It is not possible to work until the contract has ended.

It’s the time for your holiday celebration.

People often inquire if they require an ESTA in the United States When you book your flight, you’ll be greeted with a pop-up that reminds you to purchase the document, but is it pertain to you?

Nope. There is no difference. J1 Visa and ESTA are completely different things.

What makes how is the J1 Visa different to an ESTA?

The ESTA is an electronic application for US visa-free.

It is only necessary only if you don’t hold an entry visa. Since you’re travelling using the J1 there is no requirement to apply.

The only instance you’d require a visa is when you leave the States for a trip and are planning to return to the country.

If your departure from the US the visa will automatically expire. Therefore, if you’re planning to travel for Mexico or Canada following camp, and later returning to the States then you’ll not be able to make use of your J1 Visa any longer.

It is worth noting that the ESTA process is faster and can be completed online. No embassy visits are required to complete this application. After acceptance it is added your passport.

We have it. This is the J1 Visa…

It was designed to help you participate in an outdoor camp

A part of the program for cultural exchange

It is valid for up to a period period of 4 months or the contract’s length

An appointment is $160.

It is inserted into your passport and backed by the DS2019